Trail Camera Pics


Mar 23, 2017
There used to be a sub topic area for trail cam pics , not sure where it when on the new forum. Anyways I pulled some cards today and found our first whitey.
On another camera I forgot to shut off while I did my food plot. For entertainment
Plowing my weed patch
Hit it twice with S-tine field cultivator

Then planted 1/2 corn the other 1/2 soybean. Total is just under 3 acres
Last year was the first year doing this plot and I was surprised the wildlife cleaned up all the corn and beans.
Very neat. That should be a tremendous draw for game. The albinos are always interesting.
Very cool. Never seen one myself (except in forums like this), you might get a chance to see him in person this fall, which I think would be a neat experience.

Nice feed lot, too.
Good catch on the white deer. Piebald deer are rare around my parts. Although I have seen them here, I never caught one on a trail camera.
I was going to start a trail cam thread , I'll just add to yours .

I put out 3 cameras Aug 31 . I pulled cards today . I've seen better on the lease ,but he's a good buck .

I've found two scrapes , and a rub . things are starting to happen .

MFDC0420 (2).JPGMFDC0420 (3).JPGMFDC0421 (2).JPG
Cool pictures. I shot a piebald buck years ago. Beautiful animals. That's a dandy buck Jim, don't need to look at him twice coming through the woods.
He is certainly fixated on something. Perhaps a doe? Perhaps another buck? It is a classic pose for the bucks.
do you guys want to revive this thread ?

I've kept a bunch of pics from this season . I gotta go real soon , but I'll put a couple up . he's just a pretty deer .

STC_0016 (9).JPG

edit to add another pic .

STC_0015 (5).JPG
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