Using old primers?

Ive got some Winchester and Federal primers from year 90, 91 and they all go bang when called on. They have of course been kept in a climate controlled environment. As others have said, if yours have keep cool and dry they are good to go.
HI, I have been absent from the forum due to computer issues, lost password during an earlier upgrade, then personal circumstances, health and relocation. I think my first post was not long after I started loading for my 30-06 in 2013. I found that NYDan resided about an hours drive from where I was living then and our friendship grew.. to our mutual benefit. I have now resettled about 50 miles south of Albany NY with my wonderful wife of 53 years. Looking forward to posting occasionally on the forum. Rol
Then welcome back.

That's some beautiful country, and the fishing is just amazing. So much good stuff, too - Saratoga Springs, Fort Ti, and Crown Point up north, West Point, the DelWater Gap; just lots of good old stuff not too far away.
I wish I could still buy them for this price.
I have Alcan small rifle primers form back in the 1970's that I used when I was learning to reload for my 22 Hornet.


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I have several boxes of old BR4 primers from 20 years ago, just started using them and shoots just the same as the new BR4's. I won't hesitate to use them as long as they are kept dry.
Again, thanks to everyone for the positive responses. I will give them a try. Dan