What big game do you plan to hunt in 2022???


Sep 15, 2005
What do you guys plan to hunt this year?
I don't know for sure what I will actually get to hunt yet, as my elk (Cow), mule deer (Buck), Buck antelope, and two doe antelope tags are all in the draw.
If I don't draw for the area for my mule deer, it will become a general buck tag.
I know I can pick up some leftover whitetail doe tags along the Bighorn mountains.
I'll pick up OTC tags for moose, elk, whitetail, black bear, and lynx. I may pick up a mule deer tag as well, though I'm not nearly so fussy about bringing one home. Though there are some threats to hunting in this region, it is still a great place to live.
It sounds like a busy hunting season(y)

Most such hunts can be conducted with a brief evening trip or a short morning jaunt. I am fortunate to live in a place where I can hunt a wide variety of big game animals. And most of the hunting is within a reasonably short drive in order to be hunting. If I was hunting sheep and/or goats, it would be about a three hour drive, but almost all other game can be found within a half hour of my house. God has smiled on hunters living here, without question.
It would definitely be cool to be drawn for the VA Elk Hunt. Talk about retro! Finding those critters where they first roamed! Wow!
I've seen a few during my travels around here, in the "good part" of Va, nestled in the Appalachians. Crappy phone pic from a moving vehicle.


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I've got OTC tags for deer, elk & black bear. Planning on taking advantage of those. As with Mike, all those species can be found within 30 - 60 minutes from my home here in Washington.

Just last night I applied for once-in-a-lifetime tags for bighorn sheep, mountain goat and moose. We will see if I draw anything. Doubt it, but what the heck, may as well try.

Then I hope I'll manage to get on something in South Africa this summer. I've got the plane trip paid for. :)

Regards, Guy
Washington State has some great hunting opportunities. The surrounding states also provide some fine hunting. The western United States is still a great area in which to live. Here's pulling for you, Guy.
Bear, deer, moose, elk, and bison close (within half day's drive) to home. Maybe a lynx, fox or wolverine if presented the opportunity.
Perhaps antelope or bighorn, or a caribou on a trip southeast, or north. Perhaps even a cougar, if the opportunity arose for a hunt...
Ruffies everywhere I wander...maybe pheasant or huns on an antelope hunt.
I'll be hunting local for whitetails , and turkey . I'll be hunting whitetails in N, Carolina this year too . I always apply for the Pa elk hunt , someday I might get lucky . I think I have 18 points going in the one draw ,for the November hunt . I think I have 3 points going in the late season draw ,for the January hunt .
Whitetail and black bear in my own state, and I have family in VA, the one owns a decent piece of private mountain land backed up against national forest. Doesn't hunt, or at least not much. Would like to make it there to hunt whitetail if it works out, and gas is not $8.50 a gallon.

In our current political climate that has real world affects, I don't plan anything concrete that requires time and travel, too far out.
Spring turkey (though I think that technically counts as 2021 hunting; at least that's what my tags say), spring bear in Idaho, whitetail in the fall. Not a lot, not as much as I'd like, but what I have the time to get in. And can *afford*.
I put my wife in for an antlered moose here in Idaho. I've already got my one ID antlered moose and IDFG shut down all but one anterless moose hunt. Anyway, regardless of her getting a moose tag, we'll be doing the ususal, general season OTC antlered elk, regular deer and bear tags. If she doesn't get drawn for the moose tag, I may buy a left-over NR antlered elk tag, but this a big maybe.