What have you taken pronghorn with?

25-284 you say 👀 tell me more, Ernie
Rear-Grip Kauger Arms single-shot action with a Blake 1-7T barrel (2-barrels for it: 25-284, and 25 PRC) switch-barrel set-up.
Both barrels are from Blake and they both have Cortina's Tuner Muzzle-Brake on them.
I just put a Burris XTR-III 3.3-18 scope on it.
The trigger is a dream, and I wonder, how many can guess what brand it is, but think BR, F-Class, 600/1K BR (really good hint).
I haven't started load development on either yet.
Only one. Got tired of being rejected in Arizona's draw and ent to a guided hunt on a landowner permit. Got my "goat" in the first half hour of the first day of the hunt. Rifle was a .270 Win. I picked up at a gun show. A Winchester M70 XTR with what I learned was a factory installed McMillan stock in the same shape as the M70 Featherweights. Price with a fairly decent scope was $400.00 and I bought it on impulse. Took it out the next day to the range and ran some 150 gr. Power Points through it, four 5 shot groups to b exact. First group was slightly under a half inch and the last from a fairly hot barrel was .80" The other two groups were in the middle of one and last group. That rifle is a keeper.

The "goat" was shot with a 150 gr. Nosler Partition at about 75 yards after about a half mile sneak/talk. The charge was with the long discontinued Wincher Magnum Rifle powder. (WMR). Accuracy was in line with the factory ammo and velocity 2880 FPS. THat works for me.
Paul B.
Paul I have the same rifle that I bought new in 1986. I haven't tried any 150's in it but it shoots the 130 NBT over a healthy dose of AA3100 into about 3/4".
I haven't had the pleasure to hunt Pronghorn as there don't seem to be very many in Georgia. I would love to get the chance sometime though.
357 Magnum, 44 Magnum, 7mm TCU, 257 Rob AI, 7mm-08, 284 Win, 6 Creed, 6.5 Creed, 25 Creed, 6.5-284, 260 Rem, 6.5 Leopard (WSM), 26 Nosler, 7mm WSM, 7mm SAUM, 280AI, 7mm RM, 7mmRM Improved, 6x47 Lapua, 6.5x47 Lapua, 308 Winchester, 6mm-284, and I think I might be leaving one or two out
That is a large and varied assortment of cartridges!
Gotta love having options!
I am edited this post, since there are corrections I need to make.
All handgun kills with the exception of the 257AI, 7mm Remington Magnum, and the 6.5x47 L. The Ruger 77 in 257AI was the gun I used for my first ever big game hunt. The following year, I used a 14" Contender in 7mm TCU for antelope.
4-rifles and 4 buck antelope. I forgot one year I hunted with a Remington 40X 308 Win rifle, that I have since sold.
I have also used a 6.5x47L in a specialty pistol as well for antelope.
Options are nice, but I gave the 257 Roberts Ackley to a family that lost their guns in the fire, and the 7mm Remington mag, was a loaner for an article for Eastmans. The other rifle I do still have.
Some of the specialty pistols listed, are no longer in my possession, like the 7mm TCU Contender, 7-08 XP-100, 260 Remington and 6x47L MOA Maximum barrels. The 7 SAUM XP barrel is toast, and has been discarded, and it is now a 25 PRC.

Here is three of the guns mentioned above at 775 yards (2013)
7mmWSM with a Gen 1 Burris Eliminator
Sitting shot with a 308 Winchester MOA Maximum
Just a note, I no longer use Berger's for big game
Proof I have hunted with a rifle
This thread has been a fun journey down memory lane-Thanks for starting it
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Sorry, lost count. Raised in Wyoming, started pronghorn at 14 years old. 75 now! Probably the most memorable was a buck running flat out crossing at about 80 yards. I had been using a 7x57 to shoot jackrabbits all winter the year before, and those bunnies taught me about fast moving targets. The antelope lost it and did about 3 end-over-enders, heart/lung shot.
Living on Long Island, you just don't get many opportunities to shoot antelope. :D

But I did take the time to fly into Casper and do a combination pronghorn/PD hunt. I took a nice buck antelope @450yds with a 7STW and a 162gr A-Max. All the p-dogs went south at the little crack of a .221FB rifle.
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Have watched several hundred in Wyoming this week but have never killed one. However, if I ever had the opportunity I would probably use 25/06