What would you do?

Both the .280 and '06 are very fine cartridges. I've owned multiple examples of both and have used multiple rifles in both to harvest with. I no longer own a .280, but that's not due to it's being a poor choice. I happen to own a 7mmSAUM that will do everything a .280 can do, and more, in a shorter lighter package (I'm all for handy in any big game rifle). So, between the two you mentioned, I'd choose an '06 and tailor it perfectly to my needs.

All that being said, I actually like the recommendation of a .300 SM even more. Again, one can be had (built) shorter and lighter than an '06 (same rifle) and still give better performance to boot. A tad too hot for some uses? Load a 165gr bullet to '06 type velocities and shoot your .300/'06 :mrgreen: My .300SAUM can handle sending out a 200gr bullet at 2700+ FPS. (claimed, not chronied) add to that the opportunities for 150, 165 & 180gr loads and that makes it a very good moderate rifle in my eyes.

Best of luck with whatever you do choose!
If you really want to use that .270 barrel - the choice is clear - a .270 WCF. It's still a hot little number that shoots fast, flat and accurate.

But I'd build a .30-06 with a 24" 1:10 twist Krieger barrel and go fill tags... Any tags.

Guy Miner":3ay2c6b9 said:
But I'd build a .30-06 with a 24" 1:10 twist Krieger barrel and go fill tags... Any tags.


This is the 2nd guy trying to roll into here with common sense! Man... Guy, are you trying to subvert our RADD party!
+ ONE Guy, yes, very well put, an abiding respect for that old cartridge indeed.
DrMike":3f1r5kav said:
Either cartridge will serve you well, Gerry. I like them both, though I'm probably a tad biased toward the .280. The primary reason for this is that it is somewhat more rare than the .30-06, which is more pedestrian by virtue of being so commonplace. On the other hand, if all one had was a 30-06, it would get the job done.

My choice on selling the .280 was partly based on having a fully custom 7mm Rem Mag and an upgraded .30-06, Grade II, Model 70 Winchester. The .280 was a Browning Composite and lost the class and crisp trigger rave to the other rifles. Actually, I have owned 3-4 .280 Rem's and think very highly of them but every now and then practicality breaks through my OCD.
I did some more calculations had them all written down on a pad, my wife took a look and asked what it all meant so we talked about it. She knows next to nothing about guns and hunting but knows it's important to me and really likes to eat wild game, she thinks I should get a 280 Rem or maybe a 270 Win after looking at the numbers, they shoot flat but have mild recoil. I was thinking who are you, you want me to buy guns and you want me to go hunting? I can't believe this woman married me, I'm very lucky :) Either one could also be used by her and not kick very badly, especially with lighter bullets at slightly reduced speeds. She still wants to get her hunter training next time it's offered in our town.
Gerry- First off, I just noticed your signature line! AWESOME!!

2nd, I think would do really well with a 280/270. They are really some great performers and offer alot of versatility to your wife too, if she decides to hunt with you. Your wife is a smart lady. Plus, you could always run some 160 PT's for moose, if she decided to hunt with you! :twisted:
I will DrMike, she is a one of a kind :)

Scotty, I also borrowed that line from someone else just changed it for the better. Either of the rounds would be great it would be hard to go wrong with any of them. Yes, my wife is a smart woman :)
I have owned both for 40 years and with 130, 270 Win and 140 .280 Rem, I would defy you to tell the difference on deer. Now if you are going to shoot 160 Partitions at elk, than the .280 by all means.
Actually, I sold the .280 because I have a .270 Win, 7mm Mag and .30-06 which I use. That is more than enough overlap for me. If I did not have the 7mm mag in a really nice custom rifle, I would have kept the .280 Rem.