Which Country in Africa


Jan 31, 2012
Which country did you choose to hunt in when you went or if your going. For those who have been, would you return to that country or try a different country and if so, which one.

If you havent been or even have a trip planned at this time, which country do you think you would choose, if you were going
Lived in RSA for over a month and a half, traveled through Botswana, and Zambia on the way to Tanzania. Great country, I saw very few people on the way, worried we hit an Elephant in Botswana there was so much dung on the road! Tanzania and Zimbabwe are great places to go for Big Game animals found in the wild, no high fences! I would go back for sure, Botswana has very little hunting done there, has lots of potential and lots of game animals.
My goal at this point is Namibia

appears to be a lot of good plains game hunts and no fences

just sent in 2 resumes hoping to land a better paying/more rewarding job, save up for a house, and then it's on to Africa (or maybe slip Africa in sooner if the boss says its ok)
I went to Namibia had a wonderful experience. I would go again in a heartbeat!