White Rocks !


Jan 14, 2008
Now that elk and deer season is over, my wife was getting restless today and asked lets go for a ride or a walk. Well since my left knee made the decision we went for a ride up on the ridge. I grabbed a cup of coffee and away we went. It was 30 degF and windy today. First rock we came across was 197 yds. 2 for 2 on that one. My wife watching thru binos says "Wow you got the center". Well with 2 bags on the box in back of of SxS I hope I can do that at 190yds.

Next stop was a cantaloupe sized rock at 327 yds. With the cross wind I held right edge and I almost missed it hitting right edge. Next shot center ! I'm feeling pretty good about things.

I pick up a bright white paper plate size rock and stick it in a bank. Beautiful I thought..... Went to a landing part way up the ridge a settled in. Standing \ leaning into the back of the machine with bags on the box. Very stable shot 2 for 2 at 527yds.

The 6.5x284 with 140BT couldn't miss today. I tested the new field drop card I printed and the dial was spot on to 525yds. I wish my on game shooting was that good ! I guess I'll just keep having fun with the rocks. When I'm out with my son we shoot from field positions. Good practice that way. Its pretty convenient living exactly 10 minutes by wheeler from Timber company gates. After season like this no one is out there. Saw plenty of deer with few bucks still poking around. Good couple hour ride to enjoy the afternoon with my wife. (I did ask if she wanted to bring her gun but with the wind ... Her hands were too cold)
Excellent practice, and no doubt enjoyable just to spend time outdoor with your lady.
What a fun way to spend time together. Your shooting is spot on, nice job.

As you stated, a great practice regimen to build confidence and skill from field positions on various targets at various ranges! :cool:
That’s the one thing I really like about being out on BLM land in Montana or Wyoming. You can usually find some hillsides are varying distances with rocks or a tuft of grass to aim at. Makes for fun practice after a hunt is over.