Winchester WLM vs WLRM


Dec 26, 2021
I was wondering if using WLR primers in a 7 MM Remington Mag load with Nosler ballistic tip and Viht N160 powder is okay? The data from Nosler call for Federal 215 primers. This is not max load.

I have fired a few shells this way, seems okay. Looking for some help.
It is okay, if you mean to ask if there are any safety issues about which you should be concerned. The problem is that the powder column is longer, requiring higher brisance as would be provided by the magnum primer. Of the LR primers, Winchester is about the hottest. You would likely be able to WLR primers and not notice a significant problem. In cold weather (say 0 F or lower) you might have an ignition problem. Great first question. Welcome aboard.
Thanks, I was just concerned because I am using a non magnum primer, Winchester WLR primer and the recipe call for federal 215 and the cross over is Winchester WLRM. That's all, thanks again DrMike.
Somewhere around 60 grains I start using magnum primers.. even in things like 3006.
Accidentally loaded them in a 3030 load development… :( the only bad thing that happens was I used 21 magnum primers and that’s the thing I have least.. redid the loads with standard and they seemed to actually behave a little better(groups)z