WTT- 2 boxes of Nosler .277 140 Accubond-Unopened


Mar 10, 2010
I have for trade 2 full box's of 50ct, that's 100 .277 caliber 140 Accubonds. Would like to trade for the Golden, nearly Impossible to find Nosler 7mm 160 AccuBond, or 7mm 140 AccuBond, or possibly the 7mm 150 Accubonds. I would even take Nosler 2nds in those 3 bullet types. I would condsider 7mm Nosler 160 Ballistic Tips, Hornady Interbonds in 7mm 154 or 139, Hammer Hunter 7mm 131gr or 143gr. or 6.5 mm Nosler 125 Partition, 129 Longrange AccuBond or 130 AccuBond.


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Tragically, there is a border between me and thee. Your Homeland Security wants to keep you safe from any raging Canucks.
Yeah, I have more than I'll use of almost each of what you are looking for.
I found some N 140b-tips (.54/per) and H 162edl-x (.57/per) if any of those would work. Found online, so not mine.
I’ve seen those bullets out there, just picked up some interbonds, just want to trade out something I don’t need. Thanks I appreciate your sharing
Looking like we have a trade happening with another great member of the Nosler Forum.