WTT: Bullets, 7mm, 277 and 6.5mm


Mar 10, 2010
I have the following I would like to offer up as Trade Items:
1 new Box of 7mm 154 Hornady Interbond, 2023 run of bullets., also
7mm Nosler Partition 150s, 45 remaining in the box.
95 bullets in the 277 cal, Sierra Gameking 150 BTSP
150 bullets(3 boxes) of Speer Gold Dot Bonded 6.5mm 140 gr.
Looking to trade the above bullets for:
277 cal. 130 Nosler Accubonds, or 130 Hornady Interbonds. Or other bonded 130s. (Federal Trophy TIP)
Also interesting in 6.5 mm 130 Nosler AccuBond., 120 BT or 125 PT or Sierra 130 Tipped Gameking
Barnes 277 130 TTSX or 129 LRX, 7mm 120 TTSX, or 7mm 139 or 145 LRX.
Or let me know what you have and lets talk. thanks
Bullet pics


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Not really looking for new bullets, but curious about your results with either the 6.5 140gr Speer GD Bonded or the 130gr Sierra Tipped Game King.
I cannot tell you how they are on game, but they have both been very accurate. You have to have a tag and actually see something to shoot at:LOL:. None the less very accurate in the 260 remington tikka