WTT Barnes TTSX 8mm


Mar 5, 2019
I have 112 of the 160gr 8mm (.323) Barnes TTSX that I want to trade. Potential Trade interests would include :
8mm Sierra 150gr ProHunter
8mm Sierra 175gr ProHunter
8mm Hornady 170gr SST
8mm Nosler 200gr AccuBond

7mm Sierra 140gr HPBT GameKing
7mm Sierra 160gr HPBT GameKing
7mm Sierra 150gr SP GameKing
7mm Sierra Gamechanger (any weight)

6.5mm 120 to 140gr hunting bullets (no match bullets or mono bullets)

.338 hunting bullets 180gr to 225gr

I may be open to other trade items so just msg and shoot me an offer

PM me if your interested in trading.
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