Your favorite 185gr carry load in the 45 ACP

For those who choose to use 185gr loads for carry in the 45 ACP, what is your favorite and why. Lighter recoil or whatever. Dan.
I loaded a 200xtp for my father in law
longshot powder and wow was he impressed
raved about it for years fast & mild recoil
reminded me of my smokin fast 10mm loads
Many times when I go to the range I'll run some of my self defense ammo (factory ammo) just to be sure everything is working OK. Sometimes I have too much fun and on the way home may only have one magazine with my handloads. I try to be careful that I don't do that but stuff happens.
As the conversation was about 185 gr. bullet loads, I don't shoot ant 185 gr. factory ammo in my guns. However, one 1911 I have is specifically set up for target shooting, a Caspian frame with a Colt Gold Cup slide. it's a very accurate pistol and I mostly shoot a 200 gr. cast semiwadcutter in that gun. I have also run a 185 gr. cast wadcutter through that gun with very good accuracy although that load requires changing the recoil spring. The standard spring id a bit too stiff for reliable functioning with that bullet. Pep up the load enough to work and accuracy is nowhere near as good.
I guess the plan must be to tell the bad guy to hold off for a minute while I change from my handloads to factory so that I'll be legal at the trial. (sarcasm)
Paul B.
I've heard the saying "Better judged by 12 than carried by 6". Don't think the bad guys would wait. Dan.
185 hornady critical defense!

any questions?