Favorite 1911 magazine


Feb 16, 2013
I picked up a Sig 1911 45 ACP Nightmare fastback recently. I am looking to get a few more magazines for it. It came with 2 factory 8 round magazines. I was wondering if anyone has a favorite other then factory magazines? I have heard good things about Chip McCormick and Wilson Combat or is it better to stick with factory magazines? Let me know what you are running in your 1911s and how they function. Thanks.
Wilson Combat and Chip McCormick magazines have worked great with my 45 1911 Kimber pistols.

I have no preference between the two.

Factory and Wilson Compat in my Kimber compact stainless, factory in Springfield range officer elite champion and Mec-gar in the Springfield Armory ronin without any issues. Dan.
1911's will work with just about any magazine unless it is a custom target gun with a hard fit barrel and bushing, then the old standby GI issue will work with just about any ammo.
Most problems stem from magazines releasing the ammo too soon causing a failure to feed.