1-1-2023 Lion!!!

Pretty cool hunt! Nice you checked one off the bucket list. I’ve seen a few cats over the years and even while hunting but never had the chance to take one. Nice job!!
That must qualify as one of the "great hunts" in North America. And quite an adventure to boot! Congrats on your experience and success in bagging your quary! Are you planning a mount of some kind? CL
What a great story and great photos. Congratulations on your success. What state did you hunt in?
Very cool adventure and also adds to it you used your Grandfather's rifle. Worked hard and at the end success, what could be better. Congratulations on all fronts. You wont forget that. (y)
Awesome story. I hunt bear in Michigan over hounds and it’s by far my favorite hunt of the year. Anyone who thinks it’s easy and not fair to the animal has never done it. Sounds like you had a fun and exciting hunt. I always say, only tough hunts make good stories. I look forward to the hard hunts and the great memories.