22 Nosler and long bullets ??


Mar 31, 2017
First post from a new member.

I'm a casual shooter, no competitive experience, don't hunt much, but enjoy punching holes in paper. Recently started into the AR-15 craze and have some from 10.5 to 22". I have good access to a 100 yd range on a weekly basis and hope to join a club about an hour away with a 600 yd max range. I reload for about everything I own.
Hope to absorb some knowledge here.

Lately I have been concentrating on long loaded high B.C. bullets.
I put together a 21" (unfinished GM barrel ) side charge no gas 5.56 (Wylde)for prone/sling shooting.

Got a fantastic deal on some 75gr A-max, and bought some 80gr ELD-M (at regular price) and have been getting pretty good results @ 100yds trying to develop a load.


OK, so no 1/4 MOA groups, yet :)

I'm interested in the 22Nosler and will likely build an upper once more barrels have hit the street. Looks promising for a little improvement in wind drift (my problem area). A few more inches of barrel, a little more from the cartridge, and maybe I can shoot in a light breeze :)

I haven't been able to find any OAL data on the long bullets in a 22N chamber. I've got my Wylde and Nato chambers mapped for the A-max and wonder what the seating will be with the 22N chamber?

Anyway, thanks for having me, and one day I might even be able to contribute info rather than suck it up.

Welcome aboard. You're off to a good start with what appears to be a fine assembly of rifles. Your results are promising, to be sure. Again, welcome aboard.
Thanks for the Welcome DrMike.
While I don't have any hopes of being a serious competitor I do want to give something longer a good solid try. The wife and I do have a friendly event we go to twice a year that has a few competitions (old farts, women and children :) ).
At 450 yards she is doing better than I am but at 100 and vintage rifles I've got her hands down :)
Hers uses another GM barrel, but with gas.Here we are on the 450yd line on our last trip to South Florida sighting in

For a 100yd shooter, 450yd is a Loooong way off :)
Excellent. The family that shoots together stays together. Oh, yeah.
Very cool. Wished I could help with the 22 Nosler but it looks like you're cranking with what you have.
Getting better all the time. At least I haven't run out of room to improve yet :)
More practice with what I have would be the best investment, but sometimes you get wrapped up looking for that magic bullet, load, or caliber.
There are other options for a AR-15 chassis and I think the jury is still out on the 22 Nosler.
Lead time on some of the barrels seem to be a couple months.
Maybe by this summer I'll be able to decide if I really 'Need' another AR barrel (got all the other parts for another upper).

There's plenty of load info on heavy .224 bullets in 5.56, good info on the .20 cals like the 20 Practical and the 204 Ruger, and even the 6.5G with all the chamber confusion, but not so much yet on the 22N. All are options I'm thinking about.
At least the 22N takes a small base bolt and I think about the same bolt loading as the Grendel. Somehow that just seems to be a little stronger than a large base bolt even with AGU metal
(Aircraft Grade Unobtainium). I don't know for sure but I think the 6.5G and the 22N are 55,000 PSI rounds.
About the only other parameter I care about is B.C./drift.
If a little longer barrel and a little more from the cartridge is just a barrel swap away, that sounds like something to consider. Weight and length don't really matter as I'm already carrying a 12.5 pound AR to the line. Single loading with a sled and no gas worries is easier than some would think. I have an H2 buffer in mine just in case I need to swap out the lighter one in the wife's gun :)
Well, it also adds a couple ounces at the back.

If anyone runs across some long load info on the 22N, let me know.

Wife says Semper Fidelis back at ya :)
Found a drawing of a 22N reamer but don't know if I can figure out the load to lands length for a long loaded round. That's where I would use this. Not for mag dumps :)

I did compare the 5.56, 22N, and the 6.5G bases and the Grendal has more case area than either. With a good bolt it seems to work. I don't see where a 22N with a good bolt (made from that AGU metal :) ) would be harder on the action.
Using internal diameter (assuming a 0.016 wall) the Grendal is hitting the bolt much harder if the pressures are close to each other (??)

Well, still waiting for the shooting crowd to post up some 22Nosler data (not sponsored :) ) on some of the more popular long loaded bullets.
I know the percentages go with mag length in the 5.56.

I've read about everything on-line I could find on the 22N and even asked Alexa "is there anything new on the 22 Nosler" and all I got was "I'm sorry, I didn't understand the question".

I set a 22-250 case next to a .223 case on the stove in the KLAS (Kitchen, Lab, Armory, Shop) and something between the two sure seems like it would be nice.

My time reading hasn't been a waste though. I found out the old bullet stability formulas don't accurately represent the plastic tip bullets. The metal length for the mass term and total length for the aero term.
Bit the bullet and ordered a 22N barrel.
I was looking for something a little longer but settled on a 20" 4150 Melonite 7.7 SPR profile, if nothing else for a starter barrel. I'll be able to experiment with loads and compare them with my 21" .223 Wylde.
Oh boy, experiments :)
My barrel came in today.
It's the 20" ARP 7.7 Melonite.
The Extension Diameter was just a tad on the small side, 0.9985" so I "shimmed" it with some high heat exhaust spray paint then polished it down smooth. Lapped the front of the receiver, a side charge BCA Brand, and thermally assembled the barrel and receiver.
The barrel diameter at the gas hole was also a loose slip fit, 0.7495", for my adjustable block so I coated the inside of the block with the same secret spray on shim :)
Lubricated the threads (Krytox) and put everything together.

Ammo from Nosler is on the way and if it shoots well I'll order some from Midway and the dies I need. Looks like my Hornady seating die will work. I have the seating stem for the A-Max in it and the float centers on the case neck. Now I just have to wait until I can gets to the range :(

A couple of build pics:


Once I accumulate some brass I'll load up some 75gr A-Max and try and develop a load. I'll try and get some useful Chrono data.
While I wait for ammo to make it's way from the northwest, I have a question.
Some seem to think the rebated rim of the 22N is a plus on the strength side, some don't.
Has anyone found a cross section image showing the base web?
Back from Florida and posting on every forum I belong to :)
Just so tickled with my 22N.

Here are 2 targets in a 450yd comp I have been practicing for.
Long loaded 80gr ELD-M,
2.470", CFE223, CCI 41, No-gas right side charging upper, 20", GS2.

Prone, sling, glove, and mat.

I WON ! ! ! :)

Final on the left, Qual on the right.
(5 shots is rule of the organizer)


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So excited I posted on every forum I belong :)
Practiced at 100yds with the 75gr A-Max, Chrono'd my 80gr load, calculated my drop and got pretty close. Looks like 2940fps muzzle and 7 1/4 MOA drop @ 450yds. I see room for improvement, like paying more attention to breath control. Good thing the wind was light because I have no experience there.
Look out, come March, I'll be ready :)
You're putting in the effort. It will surely pay off big time. Here's pulling for you in March. (y)
Call me crazy but it looks like the wife and I are going to Pascagoula at the end of the month for a 600yd match. She doesn't know it yet but she will sub for me behind the berm pulling targets so I can watch the other strings.
To have a built in excuse, I plan on shooting Open with my 22N, and a sling.
Yup, that ought cover the low score :)
I guess F has gone to the 1/2 MOA target (man am I behind the times) but getting at least one X in 60 shots ought to be do-able.
Been wanting to try this so it's step away from the keyboard and go shoot.
Sorting all my once fired 22N brass to have about 100 to load. Shoot new brass once, bump the shoulder a couple of thousandths and load up the 80gr ELD. Have time between other commitments to get in one more 100yd range trip before the match.
RV going long :)
I know I'm smack dab in the middle of a bunch of great long range shooters but I'm really looking forward to shooting 600 with my home made rifle.
If I can get an X, maybe even beat some kid, I'll feel lucky. Have to get on paper or they'll toss me out. Unless it's really windy (more than a couple mph cross wind) I should be able to do it.
Doing my pushups and dry fire, everything I can, short of sleeping with the rifle. Prepped and sorted my brass, checked all the projectiles, and charged up the first round of 20. Settled on a CFE223 load for the 80ELD and weighed each and every load. In carats :)


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Shot up the rest of the Florida reloads today, 80 gr ELD's in the 22N upper.
2 ten shots groups at 100, adjusted right 3 clicks 10 shots, one shot, range called cold. Played with a little +/- around that load but think I'll stick with it for my 600 yard try at the end of the month.


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Shot 600yd Saturday with the 20" 22N, the 80gr ELD handloads, sling and a glove. Only sling shooter there. Saw rests that cost more than my entire rig :) Shot a 481 and didn't come in dead last, but close.
Man that was fun. Shot 600 Benchrest (from bags) on Sunday with a .223. That was one small target.
At least now I know what to expect and have a little room for improvement :)