22 Nosler and long bullets ??

That’s very cool. You seem to be really getting a ton out of that set up. Congrats on the match.
Assembled another 22N upper tonight.
Got a Cyber Monday deal on a 24" Ballistic Advantage barrel, $90 off and a free assembled upper receiver (which will go into the parts box :) ).
Used a BCA side charge upper and BCG, Mentium-USA 15 inch Handguard.
Might try it later this month @ 600 from a Bald Eagle rest.


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Bought some cheap .224 bullets, 75 gr, 0.936" long, dual channelure,

Unknown manufacturer.

Haven't shot any yet. Anyone recognize it???


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It does seem like a sturdy hunting type projectile maybe for some older short cased round. The price got down to 8.4 cents per bullet before they ran out of stock. The channelures and the ring in the back cut down bearing surface some but it still will likely require backing down some from the 77gr Nosler load. Cheap steel thumping rounds, maybe?
Had hoped to get out and shoot some this weekend but plans didn't work out. Maybe my Hagar brass will be in and I can compare loads with 22N brass and necked down Hagar brass.
Be cool to see one of them run into some water jugs.. Looks pretty stout for a 22 caliber bullet.
building up a whole bunch of bullets and loads to go test, if I can ever get to the range :(

Here's the 85 RDF (blems) compared to a couple of other bullets.


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Been a while and not much activity with the 22 Nosler.
Here in the forum, or me at the range :(

Getting things ready for the 450yd shoot in South Florida at the end of the month and will be using the 24" set up as a single shot.
The 80gr ELD load I used last October still seems to be best. I did just a little work up with the necked down Hagar cases and the 85gr RDF and have a back up load for them. Can't quite make 1MOA @ 100yds with a sling with either but we'll see which does better on sight-in day.

For those that might want to try the necked down Hagar when the new batch hits the shelves this summer(sorry, I bought up all the cheap ones) it is much heavier and has about 1 gr less capacity than the 22N case. Nosler has CFE223 data posted on the 85gr RFD at mag length. I used that, the 1gr smaller capacity of the Hagar and loaded long by 1gr. (2.360") Since this is only 450yds, I backed the charge down just a tiny bit to 9.190 carats.
Here's to beating the wife again :)
Update: Adventures with the 22N :)
I took the March 450yd comp in Florida, Duh :)

And just did a 600 F-open in Pascagoula.
From a rest this time. Dropped a shot or two but am happy as a - - - - - - -

80ELD, Hagar cases, CCI450, 2.460", and 10 carats of IMR4350.
Best string was 185-2X and the 60 shot aggregate was 543-5X.
Here's a 15 minute YouTube of that cherry picked 20 shot string, I'm in lane 5.

Good thing is, I have not run out of room for improvement :)
I also built a 22 Nosler centered around a Ballistic Advantage barrel and getting sub 1/2" at 100 yards with 60 and 75 grain bullets using CFE223 seated at 2.26 and feeding semi auto.
It's a great round and hopefully Nosler doesn't let the Valkyrie overshadow it with the advertising hype.
Back to report some more on Nosler's red headed step child :)
Over the past couple range trips I have found the following:
CFE223 works for the 'Lighter' 70RDF and 75AMAX, but for heavier bullets, a slower powder like IMR 4350 is better. I found a pretty good spot running 2980fps (80ELD) from a 24" tube.
Today I played with seating depth, running from a very slight jam to about 0.030" off.
-0.002",+0.008", +0.016", +0.024", +0.032" (just the way they worked out).
The two largest jumps did the best. Next trip I will go up to maybe 0.040".

My 80gr handloads did better than the factory 85gr RDF at 100 yards.
POI was about 1 MOA lower for the 85's but they were going a good bit slower.

Now, I need expert commentary on the shift to the right with the 85'S. No wind to speak of. It was consistent over 40 rounds.
Was shooting off an adjustable rest, heavy rear bag, and a fairly heavy AR-15,
17.2 pounds.

Would bearing surface, torque cause a shift like this?


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No danged idea, but that rifle is shooting well. I have a 224 Valkyrie, so I am watching your results!
Did another Jump Test (#3) with the 80ELD-M and have decided I will load around 0.030" off. With the trip to South Florida coming up I don't have the time to do much more than sight in and practice.
Have to get the SKS and the 91/30 out and take a few shots, and take the weight off the 22Nosler and make a few practice runs with a sling. It's a little over 19 pounds (lots of lead) now.

Made a 600yd match in Pascagoula this past Saturday and got to shoot in some wind. Calling wind is what I really need to work on and Saturday was educational. Conditions really ate my lunch.
Went from Slightly overcast, to wind and rain, and back to sunny.
Shot a 547-5, 91.1% (a personal best for me so far). Bet it would have been 92% without the wind :)

I went preset with 11 and a quarter, and after the rain adjusted to 11 MOA@600yds (from a 100yd zero). That was with the 24" BA barrel (8 twist), 80ELD, 10.2carats of IMR4350, and 22N cases.
Got a couple of data points for my load though. 11.25 for 82F and 11.0 for 92F
Going to back down to a little less than 10.0 carats as I was getting stickage (straight pull, no gas) in the 2nd relay. Had to open the receiver and brush the chamber.
Appears the tightness is carbon building up around the neck as it cleared up for the rest of the shots. I also loaded these with very little headspace which probably didn't help. I fit checked all the sized cases before charging them. A couple had to be resized.
Even with the wind the 80gr seemed to be stable at 600 in an 8 twist.
10 carats of IMR4350 in the HAGAR cases and 10.2 in the 22N cases get some stickage after several shots. I'll sacrifice a little speed for better extraction. Looks like around 9.7ct in the H case and 10.0ct in the N case is smooth. I use carats as my scale has better resolution (0.005 ct), and just to be different :)

Here's a pic of my first 25 shots. I set my Pentax K-r, 400mm lens up to take interval shots at 14 secs (several hundred shots). Tried to make a collage but screwed up getting them aligned. The two 10 round rows should be 93, 93, but it's too much work to remake the picture.

One last 2018 post about the 22N before it becomes obsolete in 2019 :)
Took the 450 prone shoot in Florida, again.
Wasn't real proud of the group so no pics.

Did some more load work, this time with a 28" X-Caliber, 1:7 5R Bull.
No gas port.
On the left side of this pic at 100 yards are various Factory and handload groups then on the right side a week later trying to pic a load 80 or 88 for my next 600. Red X's are 5 round groups greater than 1 MOA. Black arrows are scope adjustments.

Then my best string from my 94% 60 shot 600yd comp.
Got 10 X's (and 5 8's :( ). My personal best so far. Wind from behind and quartering left and right.
Cherry picked this 10 shot 96 to show. String 4.

Received my MidRange Sharpshooter card :)
Have made two more 600yd matches at Pascagoula.
Both with 88ELDs.
In January I learned about switching wind from behind.
Left/Right, man that was tough for a noob.
The strings were 96-2, 97-2, 97-1, 98-4, 97-2, 96-1.
A personal best.

Did the Feb match a couple days ago, and another personal best.
Showed up and had to wait for hours for the fog to clear. You could not see the berm. Some couldn't wait and left, but a 2 hour drive and I was staying.
While we waited I sold my Bald Eagle, that I really didn't like that much, and
---Oops. Had a cheapo bipod in the range box so I used that.
Had to pad it up a little.
Same aggregate score as January but a new string high and a few more X's than last time.

I shot a pair of 99's back to back. Color me excited :)
Shot out the center of the backer and had to move from #10 to #9.

OK, I think I've covered all my favorite forums :)
That is good shooting!

Caution - as soon as I was ranked "High Master" I never won another doggone match! Those boys 'n girls can shoot!

You're doing great!

Thanks Guy(s) :)
I could hardly believe the first 99 then another.
Wind wasn't bad but there was wind.
I think I'm going to stay with a bipod and give up on the rest.
Just not the one I used last match.
I think the AR needs a more rigid support than a bag in a rest.
I try and adjust but it ain't a real target rifle.
I'm almost done with a home made bipod.
Pictures after I shoot some groups off of it :)

Now to break 97% at the end of the month :)
Don't know if I will make it to the local range next weekend to try this out
(the flooding is going down)
But the forth Saturday of the month is 600 day in Pascagoula.

Guess it will be dryfire practice until then through the front door cat hole :)