.22 Vudoo just came in


Feb 13, 2016
Been away from posting for a while, had an alert that my custom .22 Vudoo just arrived at my FFL today. Went to pick it up, its a beauty. Upon arriving at home, I put on the ATACR on the .22, it had a few millimeters to spare of clearing the 22 inch Bartlein MTU barrel. The cycle of the Vudoo 360 action is super smooth and I like it. Going to find some time to shoot it this week. I have 2 bricks of SK Standard Plus, Vudoo advised that it takes about 500 rounds to season the barrel. Once its seasoned, I'll give it a cleaning with some C4 Bore Tech, and try different ammo from Lapua and SK and see how this baby shoots. Shooting the .22 will make me feel like a kid again. The club I'm in do have those .22 small bore matches monthly, shooting 50, 100, 150 and 200 at steel plates as small as 1/4 inches at 50 yards to probably the biggest plate at 200 yards is a 12 inch. Each relay has several plates going from big to small, there are some tiny plates at different distances. Had a match in the beginning of the year using a friend's CZ which placed me in 2nd. Had fun there with new faces over pizza and drinks.


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Very nice rig Mark, congratulations.
Looking forward to hearing how she shoots

Had the itch to go this evening, winds was not too forgiving, was hoping for single digit winds. Cycled 150 rounds through her with SK Standard Plus which was the cheapest SK ammo. Two targets, one was at 50 and other at 100. First two pics is at 50 yards, and last two is at 100. Was dialing up and down switching between 50 and 100 yards every 10 rounds. 5 shots on each target, in the 2nd picture, I shot 2 in the same hole, 3rd was out, and last 3 shots into one ragged hole @ 50 yards.
Hopefully improve once the barrel is seasoned after 500 rounds and with a cleaning, and will test other ammo from Lapua and SK and see which this baby likes.


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What does something like that cost, rifle only?
Ouch and more ouch!!!
Nice rifle but way out of my league.
Looking good right out the gate. Shooting an accurate 22 is way more fun than it ought to be. It's not exactly cheap per se, but then again nothing really is these days is it? Still cheaper than centerfire, and every bit as fun! No time spent handloading, or replacing outrageous component prices.

I've got around $2500 into my CZ457 with initial cost of the rifle, the bartlein barrel, boyds stock, Venom scope and a few other accessories that round it out. If I would've known in the beginning I'd go down the rabbit hole, I would've been better off just going the vudoo route also. But I'm happy with the CZ and it's still very competitive.
I just can't except that mag in aa 22, am trying to beg Anschutz to build me a left hand 54 repeater, or perhaps a barreled action
OK, gonna hafta go there, after searching relentlessly for days, can't find a traditional looking left hand 22 repeater, stiller dropped the 2500XR, could not beg Anschutz to build me a LH 54 repeater, so guess I am stuck choosing a SA 700 footprinted 22 with the huge magwell, will most probably go with a Bergara. may just get a barrelled action and have a pretty walnut stock cut for it.
Learning shooting techniques on that little .22, had some time out today, winds from 12-15 mph variable at 2 o clock. Switched from the Caldwell rest to the Atlas bipod this time and 5 shot groups at each target. Groups tend to open up a bit when wind acts up , but tends to shoot a ragged hole into the .2's @ 50 yards. Checked the Kestrel for dope for 150 yards, dialed in 14 MOA, and 2 MOA right for windage and and first round hit dead center at a ground pronged steel plate at 150 yards. Average 5 round groups at that distance are a little over an inch to an inch and a quarter which is good. I have noticed that gripping the rifle does affect groups, I used different ways gripping the rifle, and the best shooting technique for me is to use your thumb and rest it on the thumb recess with little pressure downwards, and pull the trigger slowly straight back. So far it has 500 rounds down the tube and those cheap SK Standard Plus shoots well, barrel should be lubed up by now. I will clean the bolt, soak the chamber with C4 with a bore mop and twirl a nylon brush in that area only to clean the carbon ring, if any, and run a wet patch and a few dry patches, and maybe a 2nd wet patch again and take it to the range soon and foul it with maybe 25-30 rounds of those Standard Plus and follow it up with 5 round group tests to see what this baby likes to eat. I have a box of Lapua Center X and Midas, and SK Rifle Match, SK Long Range Match and a brick of those SK Standard Plus to test, will do several 5 round groups of each box. Hopefully something good comes out of this, and grab a few bricks and get ready for the .22 Steel monthly matches soon from 50, 100, 150 and 200.


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