221 Rem with 53 gr Varogeddon

Lyn P

Feb 1, 2019
I am new to this forum, but not to reloading. Started reloading in very early sixties. Have used Sierra bullets abound 80 % of the time. Have used Infinity 5, 6, and 7 suite ver 7.3.4. The only problem with the software is the included reloading manual was publish in 2003. It is the same data that is in the three ring binder edition V. I am not going to use Sierra bullets any more. I can use up to date data from Nosler online data. I can use all of Nosler bullets with Sierra Infinity software. I just us use the bullet editor all is good.

Has anyone tried 53 gr Varmogeddon in a 221 or Hornet. Both could be high energy winners at moderate velocities. Have Chronograph five 5 shot groups with CZ 527 21.9" 1:12 barrel using H 4198 five shot avg 17.0gr @ 2835. All of the H 4198 was very poor SD and accuracy. But this gun has been very fussy about powders. RE-7 has given the best SD and accuracy. I will test RE 7 when it stops snowing every day.