250 grain Woodleigh Weldcore 348 Winchester 2300 FPS


Dec 24, 2006
I have been dieing to run this bullet into the jugs. I have heard great things about the Woodleighs in moderate speed cartridges and a few have really recommended them alot. Glad I tried them. Very accurate in my rifle with RL17 and speed seems about where it should be.

Either way, this bullet hit so hard off the back of jug 7, it cracked #8. It was found in #7 though. Very impressive bullet and one I'd think would handle heavier game really well out of the 348 Winchester. I'll be getting more of these!

The bullet retained 245.1 grains and expanded to .660"

Great performance. Excellent accuracy for that rifle. My goodness, one might draw the conclusion that you knew your way around a rifle, Scotty.
It doesn't get any better than that Scotty, talk about a great moose and bear gun.
gerry":2r7ta5za said:
It doesn't get any better than that Scotty, talk about a great moose and bear gun.

You aren't joking Gerry! You have no idea how bad I wanna hunt moose or bear with it. Talk about a cool thumper.

Those Woodleighs are VERY impressive Gerry. Not sure the weight retention on the 275's from your Norma will be as good as the 348 but I gotta think it'll be impressive. Makes me wanna try some of the 250's in the Newton. Run them out around 2800 and man, I'd think I'd had something.
I'm going to do them very soon, I have been busy at work and have been too tired to do any loading. Weekend is coming though......
Now that is just totally awesome Scotty!..Man, that's super performance from an awesome bullet!


That bullet will take any animal in NA. Impressive penetration too.