260 Partitions in the 375 H&H


Apr 5, 2014
Beautiful day for some range time here in the PNW.
I’d pulled the 375 H&H out of the safe a while back and replaced the 4 power Leupold with a 2-7.

Loaded these 260 grain Partitions back in 2014. Gave them a little crimp with the Lee Factory Crimp Die just because.

First three shots went into just under an inch to the right of the bull.

I adjusted the scope to the left and up a little for #4 but didn’t get any elevation increase.

Adjusted up again and got #5 and #6 right for the 2” up elevation I want to be printing at 100 yards.

Barrel was getting warm so I didn’t shoot any more.

This load had done 1” group back in 2014 when I had a 4 power scope on it.




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Looks like a great load. Hard to beat the old 375 H&H. What are u going to hunt with it this year?

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I’ve got a cow elk tag and I am kicking around the idea of using the 375 or a pre 64 30.06. I’ve never taken any game with the 375.

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Very nice. Use the 375 H&H this year for your cow elk hunt. That 260 gr PT should do to trick.