270 Win 140 SST


Sep 15, 2012
Meant to post this last year but forgot.

Shot a public land 8pt at 65yds in the swamp. Quartered to me a little and stood in a nice opening trying to get down wind of me so I knew it was now or never. He ran 40-45yds and piled up. I watched him drop so didn't need to blood trail him but still went back to get a sense of blood flow. Had I needed to trail the deer, he wouldn't have been hard to find because it was a river in the woods. My buddy asked me to save the heart. But it looked like the heart and lungs had been placed into a blender so that was a no go.

Peterson brass
H4831 SC
CCI 250
MV 3038fps



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Congratulations. Great performance by the hunter, the rifle, and the bullet. The buck did his job well also. :)
I have always felt that the 140 gr bullet was a great performer in the 270 (Win, WSM and Wby).
I have yet to try the new 136 gr Terminal Ascent bullet on game, but if it performs as the 130 gr version has in the 6.5 Creedmoor, I am sure it will rank right up there with my favourite AccuBond bullet!