30/06 212 ELD X StaBall 6.5

I took both of the loads directly to 300 last night. It’s been wicked hot out here so I snuck out when the temp finally dropped to about 90.

56.5 was first up

I was pretty danged pleased with this. So I gave the rifle a little time to cool down and shot the next charge.


Pretty decent overall. I may try to shorten this one a little as it looks like I have a bit of 2-1 going on but overall I’m pretty happy with the combo.

It’s a fairly light rifle, right at 8lbs or so, so I’m about at my max as far as accuracy. Meaning, I don’t think I could do much better than how the rifle was shooting anyhow.

I’ll shorten the next couple loads up a little and see what happens but I’d be pretty happy to hunt this load.

This was also the guns first run out after the Tubbs Final Finish so it seems like it’ll shoot. The Tubbs saved this rifle from a trip to the gunsmiths to become a Whelen...
That did really well Loads like this breathe new life into the good old '06.
A 212 at 2700 fps will take anything in NA. Looks like the Staball is treating you pretty good. Great shooting.
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I like it Scotty. That would definitely do anything in NA you would come across. Shoots pretty danged good too! I'd hunt with it no questions asked!
Very nice. You keep it up Scotty and you will end up like me. I begrudgingly shot the 06 initially, now I've got 3.

Only took me 20 some yrs to discover why they've been so popular for so long. Sometimes I'm a little slow. :mrgreen:
Scotty, that's pretty impressive results.

Hoping to get out in a little bit here and try it again to see what happens. Hoping it repeats. If it does it might make the cut for elk camp.

Shot it again tonight. Monkeying around with trying to get it just right at 300.

My final 3 shots were on the black

I was able to put my dope on it and ring the 8” steel with my last 3 rounds at 500. I’m sure it could be better but I’m calling it good here. I know it’s consistently better than me :mrgreen:
Everybody knows target bullets dont kill elk Scotty...haha. Nice work! I think itll put a hurt on any elk that makes the mistake of standing around!
That's outstanding groups! That load would definitely put a hurting on elk, and bigger critters.
Outstanding shooting Scotty!


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Dang thats some great speeds in the old 30/06. I bet that bullet will perform beautifully at those speeds too!

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I painted up some steel and wanted to check out at 400 yards last night. Pretty miserable for shooting here at 90 degrees and what felt like 90% humidity but I’d got a new shooting mat and wanted to give the 06 some time to shine.

I shot the first two on the red and dropped the 3rd shot, so I decided to see if I could get another in the red and squeaked it in there.

At last light I pounded out these three rounds as well.

Not exactly varmint sorta accuracy but it’s coming along pretty well. That rifle is shooting real well though. It’s fairly light as well and takes a little extra effort to make sure everything is just so but I’m pretty happy with it.
You know Scotty...thats pretty dang good shooting, but you are a Marine, after all! ha When the Marines heard how well I shot, right out of Boot Camp, they tried to get me transferred, but the Army Higher said, "no way! lol.. I love to watch a great shooter! :)
Nice to see someone got Stabal to work in their 3006. I had less than stellar results in mine. Your 300yd groups looked like my 100 :cry:

Those groups are under MOA it looks like.
Great job with the loads, and special kudos for your skill in marksmanship.
By the way, your groups are plenty good for minute of vermin. You would put a real hurting on a coyote with your shooting.


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It’s been shooting real well actually. Been on the ground pounding it out. Burned through about 50 rounds over the past two weeks.

That was my last 4 rounds last night from the 06 last night. I figured out I had my scope set at 1.5” vs 2” above the bore so it dropped me a .1 mil and should have me centered up at 400 now.

Pretty happy though. Still might drop the trigger down a scosh. Being a lighter rifle I think it’d help a touch at distance.