300 win mag 200gr or 210gr


Jan 21, 2022
I have a weatherby vanguard 2 that I'm going to load for but my reloading experience exsists of reloading for my 1976 rem 243 adl and some pistols.
And that was 30 years ago......It has a 1 in 10 twist, 26in barrel. Strictly a hunting gun. Muleys and elk. Out to 500 yards for now but i plan on alot of trigger time to extend that.
My question is does anyone have stability issues with the 210gr with my twist rate? Are the ablr's more accurate than the partitions at long range?
Any info would help.


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a 210 gr ABLR bullet has marginal stability in a 10 twist bbl . see chart at link below . he also says they can shoot well but, the lower stability lowers the BC .

the Partition is a fine bullet . I would not have a problem using it at 500 or 600 yards . the ABLR bullet is a slick bullet . it has a higher BC than the Partition . the higher BC helps lessen wind drift , and retains velocity better at longer distances . the ABLR is designed to expand at lower velocities that are encountered at longer distance shooting. it is also a bonded bullet , this should help it hold up on high velocity closer shots . as far as one being more accurate , I don't think the flat base bullet is a handicap at 500 or 600 yards . when I stretch things out , I want a soft, fast , heavy, high BC bullet to help with the wind .
I think it's known that those long heavy for caliber bullets require a faster twist .
Of the two bullet types, neither is likely to be inherently more accurate, more likely you would have to try them both to see what your rifle prefers, the heavier bullet would be less effected by the wind though. But from what the others have said already, your twist probably isn't the best for the 210gr. If your wondering about accuracy with any high quality bullet appropriate to your twist, the only real way to know is to test it out. Every rifle will be different.
Excellent response 3Meter Para Bellum ! I have a few friends that shoot long range all the time and have had custom rifles built in various calibers and have gone with 1:9 twist rates barrels for the .30 calibers and bullets over 200 grains . For this reason they all shoot out standing !
The 300WM with the 200 gr AB is a proven long range hammer on elk. The 200 gr AB has a decent BC , stabilized by 1:10 twist, hits hard and penetrates deep on big game. I'd go with this bullet and not look back.

I don't think the OP will have much of a problem with the 200 gr. bullets and the 1 in 10" twist. I'v never use a 210 gr. bullet in my .300 Win. Mag. It's already been said, try them both as see what your rifle likes. My M70 with 26" barrel willstay within .75" most of the time with my pet load. That load has been used in four Ruger #1s and a Winchester M70 I got on sale at Walmart quite a few years ago. Accuracy has been one inch or less in every one of those rifles. I believe they all have 1 in 10" twists.