338 rpm

Yup- another "Fotis-like" load. Nice! I'd pay for some custom load development like that. Geez- I'd have to deliver to Wyoming. What a burden... Enjoy the rifle Sir. CL
Wish I could help you Troy! And no you wouldn't have to pay. I do it for people I do not particularly like so for you it would be a pleasure.
My 338-06 does right at 100fps slower with that same 175 HH! Our rifles are twins! ha I use 58gr IMR 3031 ( I would never have thought it!) and it clusters them too. I really like the looks of that 338 RPM too. Good show old chap!
Thank you. Due to a bunch of camp adventures* this year I only got to hunt a couple of days. No luck. That said she is Texas bound this May for pigs!

*Camp adventure-- when a bunch of crap goes wrong at the same time ....usually with gear. (ATV, CAMPER, etc.)