348 Win Swift A-Frame 200 gr bullet tests


Nov 25, 2013
I may be wrong, but I seem to recall someone performing some bullet tests on water jugs recently, using the Swift A-Frame 200 gr bullets in their 348 Win...cannot find the thread.

Was wondering what their load was?

My A-Frames should be arriving any day now, and would like to load some up and try them out along with the Winchester factory loads, and the Precision Cartridge ammo I found loaded with the Hdy 200 gr FTX's.

Has anyone tried any of the newer powders with the A-Frames yet?

I know that the Dec '17 Handloader magazine had the most accurate load with this bullet as 50 gr of IMR4895 with F210 primers at 2392 fps, in their rifle. They only tested IMR4895 and 4350.
Gil, I used RL17 for the 200 grain Hornady FP and the Woodleigh 250’s. The 200’s clocked about 2600 while the 250’s went 2300 on the nose. Accuracy was very good in both cases in my carbine. I think if I were trying the Swift’s I’d try 17 again as it worked so well for me.

I’m going to shoot a text to Jim and Fotis and ask them to break out the .348 section so our Bullet tests don’t get lost in the shuffle.
What was your charge of Re17?
And what primer did you use?
I used 66 grains with the 200 Hornady. Double check my work via QL please. I’m away from my book right now.

CCIBR2 primers were used throughout.
Gil, I made that post. I'll put the link back up here. But PLEASE start low and work up doing your own checking. This was initial testing and I got some weird velocity and pressure swings when I shot some of these later on. I still haven't 100% delved into what's going on.

I do know the A-Frame has a little longer bearing surface, and probably a different metal compound than a typical cup and core of that weight. Either way it seems to generate higher pressures and velocities with lower charge weights of the same powder than when compared to say a 200 gr Hornady. At least in my gun. With the same powder I'm matching or exceeding velocities of the 200 grain Hornady with 3-4 grains less powder.

Don't take my results as gospel, but here it is.

Thanks Shadetree!
That is the post I was looking for and could not find.