375 H&H Mag 260 gr E-Tip

When I bought my WSM brass from Midsouth I checked their clearance items in reloading area and they had nothing for me but they did have these .375 projectiles. I don't know if the prices are good or not since it is not in my caliber ownership.

This one was pulled bullets so could be marks on them.
Ron Spomer recently used a 270 grain Hammer on an elephant. This was their expanding variety and from the sounds of it, they worked fantastic. Something about that nose expanding quickly in the bone and the base driving to the brain. Spomer noted the PH liked the Hammers and said they were quickly replacing normal solids for elephant work.

Thought that was interesting myself. I believe Spomer heart shot his elephant and it died pretty quickly as well. Wished I could've seen it go down myself.
Still waiting for my 260 E-tips. UPS must not like to pull trailers out of Oregon. My last 2 SPS orders have been delayed.
I had a shipment like that once but usually about a week for me. I had two shipments from SPS this month and both were about a week.
I suspect that it will arrive any day now.

Sorry, I ordered on Monday, I’m about 6 hours northeast of Bend, truck stopped here on Wednesday. Fella asked me If I would take em all as he didn’t want to go to Idaho and beyond:)
Ha Ha real funny😁. I told the UPS driver never make stops in Oregon , drive to the midwest first.
I did receive earlier this week.
Today I tried a few over the Magnetospeed looking for 2900fps. N555 didn’t do it ran out of case capacity. RL-17 is the money maker.
88grs - 2986fps
89grs - 3028fps
90grs - 3059fps just a slight ejector mark
Will be working with 88grs just wish I had a huge stash of it. RL-17 is perfect powder for the 375 Wby.
I took the 375 out for opening day of our rifle season. Shot a nice 8 pt with the 260 gr E-Tip, a set kill.
I recovered the bullet caught in the hide in front of the point of the off side shoulder. I'm shocked that this big bullet didn't exit!
The expanded bullet measures .826" and weighs 260.7 grs.


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Excellent photo essay of the bullet, Jim. The hide on that buck has some amazing elasticity. Congratulations on the buck.
Amazed it didn't exit. Would expect that one to keep going. Perfect performance though. Good catch and nice buck.