May 22, 2012
Just got a 1885 High Wall 45-70 and looking to get a inexpensive target load worked up. Missouri Bullet Co. has a coated 300gr bullet called the #2 Buff which .459 dia. wondering why its not .458 and if its ok to shoot in my rifle. Maybe because its lead is why its .459?
You want to go slightly larger to ensure a tight fitting bullet in the bore.
The .459" diameter bullet should be good but you might want to slug your barrel.
FWIW, the Marlin 1895 typical bore diameter for the 45-70 is .4585".

My 1895 actually ran .459'ish. It's been a few years. When I buy cast I usually get .460" bullets.
With my Ruger #1 I run 0.460". You really need to slug your barrel to find out what you need before you buy. If you run them undersized you will get leading that will take a week to get out. You really want it to fit the throat if you can, then 0.0005"-0.001" over bore dia.
Has anyone shot the Oregon Trail Lazer Cast Silver Bullet? My local Cabelas has them on sale $54.00/250, 300gr,.459. They seem to get good reviews.