6.5 Jap quick load-


Sep 10, 2006
Can anyone run the numbers on this load for me please? Im curios to see what this looks like:
6.5 mm Jap Norma cases
100 Gr Sierra HP
40 Gr. IMR 4064
CCI 200 Large Rifle

BTW- info on the box for the original Norma 139 Gr soft point shows about 400 FPS slower than a similar load for the 6.5 Creedmore. Surprised me.....
Thats a 3.5 inch dot. Best group I ever shot with that rifle.

Really happy with it given the 8#+ trigger and the K4 post and cross hair, and this operator.


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  • 6.5 Jap 100gr Sierra HP Forty Gr 4060-8.7.23.jpg
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I always thought an Arisaka would make a good sporter action. Haven't seem many of them made into that though. Good looking rig.
Very nice Troy.
That will be a dandy deer rifle

Now there’s one you don’t see every day. Looks in good condition and ready to hunt.
You’ve got a very very nice rifle there. I believe that’s the nicest Arisaka I’ve seen. That’s one to be proud of.
Thanks all. It was/is my Mom's rifle. No idea really when all the work happened. Dad picked it up at the pawn shop back in the early 60's. It had the vent rib and fold down peep on it back then. I found the scope back in the early 80's. Dad found a gentleman that my uncle opinioned "had forgotten more about gunsmithing than most people know" to reforge the bolt. I remember that Dad was afraid the elderly gentleman "couldnt see well enough to weld anymore...". But he cut and reforged the bolt and welded her back on. His wood work leaves something to be desired, compared to the rest of the stock where he inlet for the bolt. The picture dosent show the chips and dings out of the stock, but I dont care about that. Where you gonna find a custom rifle stock like that? Shadow line cheek piece, inlays.... Yea I have one of those... :) I just think its a really cool example of the Gun hobyists art as it used to exist. BTW-the pic of the group should be rotated counter- clockwise a quarter turn. Looks to be about 3 inches high.

Again thanks for indulging me, and since I finally made it shoot. if you want to take a guess at the velocity on that load it would be appreciated. Thanks CL
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I'm not sure what's going on with quickload , it appears to have a quirk . I don't know enough on this cartridge to proceed . I get a bunch of weird pop up warnings . both the 6.5x50 , and the 6.5x51 show crazy high pressures at your powder charge , that just can't be true .


I found this info for you . I'll say you're in the mid to upper 2700's FPS . depending on your BBL length . this book used a 21" BBL

P8070589.JPG P8070590.JPG
Thanks Jim! gives me a ball park. Little better than I figured. Didnt see any pressure signs at 40 Gr. But will go back and look at brass again. Thanks TH
FWIW, the 129 gr ABLR in my wife's 6.5 Creedmoor shoots .5 MOA and drops deer in their tracks. That might be a great option for your 6.5 Jap.

Cool old rifle CL! Hope you get settled on a good load for it. I wouldn't worry about speed too much. If you think it's pushing the limits then back off some and have fun.