6.5 PRC Nosler 140gr Partition data


Jan 12, 2022
Finished testing 140gr Partitions in my 6.5 prc. Achieved best groups with H-1000 powder (57.5 grains), seated 0.020in off the lands, for a COAL approximately 2.890 inches. ADG brass, neck sized with a 0.293 inch Redding full length bushing die, to give a "neck tension" of 1.5 thousands, and Federal 210 match primers. Barrel length is 24 inches. Getting consistent 0.46-0.5 inch groups (3-5 rounds), with a velocity of 3060 fps. Just a warning, even though the ADG brass is considered thicker, I will get significant pressure signs with Nosler brass beginning at 56 grains of H-1000. If I do enough testing, I can almost always get similar accuracy with Partions as Accubonds, sometimes even better.
Interesting report, as I now have a donor rifle for a lh 6.5 PRC build.
A LH Browning X Bolt originally chambered to 270 WSM. Bought the proper Browning 6.5 PRC magazines, and will most likely be using a 24" Wilson carbon fibre barrel 1:8 twist. Need to cut out a small piece of metal in the action to allow the PRC cartridge to feed properly.
Need to pick up dies, shell holder and brass over the next few months, as/where I can. Dies and shell holder shouldn't be a problem...brass may take a bit to find! Have the primers, powder and bullets on hand.
I hope to find a good load with the 140 gr AB (my favourite hunting bullet).
If you can find it, Reloder 26 is also great with the 140 Np. 7977 is very accurate, just not real speedy. The best balance of speed/accuracy came with RL-23, even with the notorious ABLR.
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Those 2 powders above I have been trying to get for over 1 year without success. Would love to try to R-26 especially.