6.5 Creed and 120 Nosler BT


Feb 13, 2016
After vigorous scrubbing and brushing to remove the carbon rings out of the 3 rifles, I was only able to remove more than half of the black streaks between the lands, only black streaks shows in the first 30% of the barrel, the rest are clean and no more carbon rings either. I was curious on how it would shoot. Only had 5 old bullets for the 7mm Magnum, used them for fouling the barrel, and saw .5 MOA which is acceptable accuracy, and I forgot the cheekpad at home which gave me a quite hard time focusing. :sick:
I had purchased the .30 caliber 150 Ballistic Tips during the shortage in case I ran out of my best bullets, but its not my preferred hunting bullets since I use the 165 -168 BT and the 178 ELD's only which shoots very well. I tried the BT 150's 2 weeks ago with Varget and only got .4 to .5 MOA at best and max velocity was 2920 fps average ( Nosler book max load ) and only one trip to the range, this time I tried with H4895 up to book max load and best was .5 MOA still with COAL of 2.850" , max speed was 3015 fps at 46 grains. That is 30-06 speeds ! I felt nervous midway of shooting those 3 round groups, thought I'll see pressure by the time I get to shoot the last 3 rounds ( don't like pulling bullets ) , but there was no pressure, no extractor marks or hard bolt lift. I expected better groups. I guess seating depths may tighten those groups, but its acceptable for deer and hog hunting.

Used the old bullets from two seasons ago when I bagged a cow red stag with a shot to the center of the neck head on with a 120 Ballistic Tip using the 6.5 Creedmoor. Those bullets are so accurate and only have half a box of those left on the shelf. I only had 9 bullets in the ammo box, so i fouled the barrel with 5 rounds, seeing those holes get closer and closer to each other. I let the barrel cool 5 minutes while sipping some coffee, then shot the last 4 rounds and golly, all in one hole which measures .020" of an inch roughly. Insane. And yes, its 100 yards.


After shooting the rifles, while the barrels are warm, I started cleaning them with Bore Tech Eliminator. In the past I only cleaned them before the shooting sessions. Thanks to the borescope, sweat and tears brushing them out, lol. :LOL: