Took my 22-284 to the range today


Dec 12, 2020
This chambering came about when I mis-cut a 22-250 AI chamber on a 26" 9 twist barrel I had. It was a lemons to lemon-aid undertaking so to say.
I had a bag of 70 gr. RDF seconds that I decided to use for load development, as I was unable to find an accurate load for them in my 223 and 224 Valkyrie and this was a bullet weight that I wanted to use in the rifle. I did two different powder ladders with H4831 and AA3100, and stopped at 53.0 when the velocities approached 3600 fps. 53 grains of AA3100 shot the smallest group of the day at 0.7 MOA. With this testing completed, I'm going to try some RDF firsts as well as other bullets in the 70-75 grain range and see what magic might occur.

According to a ballistic calculator, when sighted in for 2" high at 100 yards, its only 20" low at 500.
The barrel round count is at 28, with an expected live of 600-700 rounds.
I’ve found the 6mm 115gr RDF shot best in the lands. The 140gr 6.5mm was set at 0.020” off for the best results.