700 VLS .22-250


Aug 11, 2022
A friend dropped off a Remington 700 VLS in .22-250 Remington. It's got a Vortex Viper 6.5X20X44 scope. The action and first 2or 3 inches of the barrel are glass bedded and the barrel is free floated.
I shot it today with some 50 grain Nosler BT over IMR 4895. The first 3 shots clover leafed the next 2 were close but the group still measured 3/4". All benched @ 100 yards.
I told him I was looking for a .22-250 for groundhogs and coyotes and he told me to try it.
It's in immaculate shape. I don't know anything about the Vortex scopes, and I think at some point he just threw it on the rifle. He just sold 27 rifles and I think he wants to sell this to me right.
It is heavy and has a 26" barrel, but I've only got 100 acres to hunt coyotes and another little spot of about 30 acres, so long walks at 73 are not happening!! I'm just wondering if anyone ever uses a VLS for coyotes?
Thank you in advance for you time and consideration.
Semper Fidelis
I had the exact same rifle and it shot bug holes. I shot many woodchucks and coyotes with it and it just hammered them. I sold it because it wasn't fun lugging a 12+ pound rifle around. These days I use a 22 Nosler and it's just as effective on woodchucks and coyotes.

I shot the rifle last week with some 50 grain ballistic Tips over IMR 4895. First 3 shots, benched at 100 yards, cloverleafed! The next 2 had some operator error and the group was still only 3/4". What I would like to know has / does anyone have a spot where they stay and shoot coyotes from a stationary position? The rifle is long, and I would guess 10.5 or more pounds. Seems like it would be great to sit on the top of a hill with but I don't know. I'm more than likely going to use my shotgun on our farm woods or a .22K Hornet in the fields. I've only got 100 acres.

Semper Fidelis
Got an upstairs bedroom window? Set that 250 up on the window sill and pour a cup of coffee.....and have a neighbor leave a road kill out in the field @ 200 yards away. Just saying.... Otherwise your hill top should work. Just pick your spot and days carefully. Them crafty buggers trust there noses. If you use a call they will circle the sound, out of sight until they get down wind. If you cant see them before they smell you the jig is up...
I have a Rem. 700 VSII in .223 Rem. that has TPS rings and bases with Leupold 4.5x14 40mm CDS scope and yes I use it shooting Prairie Dogs and yes I have carried it several times Coyote hunting and no it‘s not light but I am 6’2 and I like the rifle.
For years I used my 257 Roberts for varmint hunting till Suburbia took over and the farms were filled full of houses.
I switched up to a Thompson Center contender in .222 Remington with a 14" barrel, I modified the forearm piece to accept a long Harris bipod so I could shoot it seated, on top I had a cheap Bushnell 10x power scope since there was no need for a variable, I also have the same brand and style scope on the 257 Roberts.
For the TC I shoot it like a rifle with the short eye relief scope. It takes a little practice but with the light recoiling .222 you don't or shouldn't get scope ring around your eye.
The thing is you don't need a heavy variable power scope and a fixed power down to 6X will work on a good varmint rifle.
The Military used fixed power scopes for a reason and all the trouble you read about Variables are one of them.
Yes I have variables on my rifles and for the most part they are set on the lowest power selection for close shots, and they are for the most part European manufacture and not cheap. The Cheap ones are on my pellet rifles so when they break I don't feel so bad or disappointed.
Get the 22-250 and a golf cart or a atv to pack it around on.
Not that exact rifle, but my buddy has the old school wood and blued version. I've loaded a boatload of ammo for it. It shoots better than I do with 40 or 55 grain BTs. I will say it deserves a better scope than a plain Viper... PST is about the minimum I'd choose in the Vortex line. My buddy's rifle has a VX III 6.5-20x40. Match made in heaven.
Thank you all for your kind replies.
he is willing to sell it to me I'm going to put a Leupold on it. Most likely a 5HD.
Please keep up the replies?
Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy New Year.