7mm Mauser - Even better with age!

I have a 7x57 in a Ruger No. 1A and I can confirm that with the 140 AB (at 2750 FPS) it will fold deer up into nice little packages. That usually happens shortly after they wander around for a few seconds leaking profusely. You can push it plenty hard, but it just isn't necessary.
I just hope that Ruger continues to chamber many of these classic cartridges in the Number One rifle.
Here is what I ended up with doing some varying seating depths.

These were all shot at 200 yards..






Speed is excellent on this load, running just over 2900 with RL17 and with that sorta accuracy, it is pretty inspiring. Alot of rifle for a svelte hunting rifle.

I will take it back out with the 3.100" load and refine the zero, but I am thinking it is good to go.
Jake, the little Mauser is quickly becoming my favorite rifle that isn't mine!
SJB358":2l63pc9n said:
Jake, the little Mauser is quickly becoming my favorite rifle that isn't mine!

I can tell I'm watching them on GB. A few more rifles and I may have a M70 Mauser collection the 6.5, 7, 8, and 9.3 all in FW would be sweet. I'd have to try the 3.145 3.130 and 3.100 again. The horizontal grouping in my opinion is likely caused by the trigger man. I had my 280AI doing that before I felt comfortable with the trigger. Just my two cents.
Several years ago, maybe 10, I purchased a used Remmy Mountain 7x57 for the wife. We were planning an elk hunt and needed something more that the 25-06 she normally shot. I finally found a very good load for the rifle after many tries. She loves it with Nosler 120 BT's at about 2800. She has found something else now, that she takes to the woods for white tails and hogs. A 300 Ham'r Ruger American modified by Wilson Combat, light weight and short for hunting in the blinds. Thanks Daniel
I’ve been looking for this thread. Now to figure out how to print it without it getting all jumbled up.
Wow way to resurrect a thread!

I too have a deep appreciation for the old 7mm Spanish Hornet! 😃

My mother has an Interarms Mark X that she has used to kill nearly a dozen deer and one cow elk. She’s gotten excited and missed a couple of times but I cannot recall but one deer that needed a second shot.

For hers I have always loaded the 139 grain Hornady Interlock or 140 grain Sierra Gameking on top of IMR4064 for deer and the 160 grain Sierra Gameking on top of IMR4350 for her elk. It was none other than Chub Eastman who told me to use whichever I had more of between 4064 and 4350.

I have decided to get a 7x57 of my own built. Will be sharing that here upon completion later this year. Springfield 03 action, walnut stock, 22” Douglas 1-9” twist sporter contour barrel, a Leupold fixed 4x on top is where I’m leaning.

My wife’s 7mm-08 likes the 140 grain Sierra Gameking and 145 grain Speer Grandslam with 48 grains of IMR4350. So we have a goodly supply of both bullets.

Will probably try to load something in the 139-145 grain range as I have envisioned this rifle for a lightweight mixed country deer rifle, that I could also in a pinch use for a damage control cow elk.

The small case sevens have always been of the most interest to me in that caliber due to the great accuracy and minimal recoil. I am very much looking forward to building this gun and taking it hunting!
"I would suggest due caution trying to tweak another 100-150 fps out of the 7mm Mauser case. The cartridge is what it is and that has been quite good enough in the game fields for over a century. :)"

BALONEY! SAAMI set 7x57 pressure level to be 45,000 C.U.P. or 50,000P.S.I., take tour choice. The was in deference to the weak rolling block Remingtons and 1893/95 Mauser rifles that were proof to 45KCUP. If one has a modern rifle like a Winchester M70, Remington M700 or WW2 era 98 Mauser, there is absolutely no reason why one could load their brass to a higher level. My 7x57s are a Winchester M70, Ruger #1 and a custom based on an FN Mauser that was originally a .270 Winchester that SAAMI says 60KPSI MAP. The 7-08 is lso loaded to that level, possibly a bit higher but a 7-08 maximum load used in a 7x57 will have lower pressure due to greater case capacity. My M70 Featherweight runs the 150 gr. Nosler Partition at an average 2847 FPS with groups at or near .50" That same load in my Ruger #1A does 2810 FPS with groups slightly below one inch to one inch. Both rifles have 22" barrels. The custom Mauser has a problem not related to the modern level loads but to one that existed prior to me getting the rifle as part of a trade. I'm not quite sure what the problem is but it could be locking lug set back as a worst case scenario. That would mean a replacement receiver. OUCH!. Talked with my gunsmith whom I've does busness with for close to 40 years but he recently semi-retired and is only doing stock work. Seems he had a serious heart attack so now only does what he calls light duty work. He always kind of put my work to the front of the line when he was doing it full time so wait times were usually short. We have a lot of gunsmiths in town but most have waiting time a year or longer. At my age, I may not have a year. I'd hate to kick the bucket and have someone get a rifle that had a problem. (Intermittent bolt locking up tight.) I think that lug set back would lock up all the time, but what do I know? I'm thinking I should pull the bolt and tear it down and see what I looks like. I have several FN rifles and I suppose I could scrounge what I need to fix the gun if its a bad bolt.
No matter, while the 7x57 is a pretty good round as is, why do the Europeans load it to a higher level. Norma, IIRC, loads a 150 gr. bullet to 2600 FPS. Federal supposedly loads the 175 gr. bullet to 2400 something FPS. Run some over a chronograph sometime. The ones I did barely passed 2200 FPS from two different lots. I never did try their 139/140 gr. loads but I'll bet they don't make speed either. Never ran Winchester 145 gr. loads over the chronograph but again, I'll bet they may not come close to the advertise 2600 FPS.
So yes, I will argue the point that the 7x57 can be loaded substantially hotter that current American (SAAMI) levels and ever surpass European levels by a noticeable margin. Need more? Check out some of the 7x57 data in the Nosler #8 and Speer #15 load manuals. THat's published pressure tested data.
Paul B.
I have a 7x57 rifle built by ACGG member Larry Brace on a Husqvarna action with a 24" barrel.
Lapua 170 gr. factory ammo delivers 2632 fps out of my rifle.
My hunting load is 50.0 gr. of RL-17 pushing a 140 NBT downrange at 3070 fps.
With modern powders operating at modern pressures this century old classic flat out performs.
In Europe, max pressure is 3900 bar due to some older rifles still being around.
If it were invented today, max would be higher...
My mom took black bear and deer with hers. Used 140 grain Partitions, IMR 4350 2800fps at 6000ft altitude. Always a cold barrel bullseye. Groups opened a bit as it got warm, but who needs more than 1 or 2 shots. They called it 7mm. The mag hadn't been around long to confuse things.
I'd shoot an elk with it.