8 point with 416 Remington yesterday.


Jul 28, 2015
Yesterday I finally got my first deer of the season. For some reason I have not had any luck this year, and this is the first year I’ve went this long without harvesting atleast several does. Shot this big bodied buck yesterday morning with my Winchester safari 416 Remington. Was using Woodleigh 340 grain PP at 2668 fps muzzle velocity. Perfectly broadside shot on him while I was sneaking up a logging road at about 65 yards. Bullet entered left front shoulder and exited right front shoulder, and showed very good expansion deer dropped like the earth was pulled out from under him. I know 416’s aren’t for deer, but I’ve still yet to have one take a step after putting a bullet in the shoulder. Ended up being an 8 pt with 17 5/8” inside spread and weighed 215 pounds.


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Happy for you. I shot 2 deer this year with my 375 H&H Mag. A ton of fun scoring with the heavy hitters.

It is a ton of fun. One day if I ever do make it to Africa I’ll have plenty of experience with my dangerous game rifles from using them every deer season.
That's a darn good buck! And you got it using hunting skills which adds to it in my opinion. Using the wind right and sneaking along quietly enough that you see a buck before it sees you in close quarters isn't something that happens every day. Congrats man!

Your choice of cartridge is another matter..........but hey, that's what makes the world go around they say. :p