81 years old and still killin


Mar 21, 2021
Took a old friend today, he mopped up .
He shoots 7MM WSM
Uses a summit climber and was 35 feet up a sweet gum tree LOL
HE SAID that damn Ranger makes this a lot easier... I may need to buy one he said..

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He took a dandy buck. The 7 WSM is a great cartridge. I love mine, though I haven't used it near as much as a couple of other WSMs.
:). Nice, 81 in a climber!

Really great buck! Congratulations to your friend. Yes, Wheelers and UTV’s sure simplify things… and staying at hunting keeps you from aging faster…

7mm WSM is on my wish list, as are several others…if it’s not #1, it’s #2. (Santa… the 35 Whelen is the other… would not sneeze at a 257 Wby either)

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Congratulations to your friend on a beautiful buck. I admire him for what he is doing at 81 years young!

Dang! that's congratulations worthy, for sure! I can only hope I have the ability to still get after them when I'm that age. Maybe time to rethink my eating/exercise habits. LOL
Impressive to say the least. I’m hoping to just be around at 81.

Just goes to show that age is just a state of mind.

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Wow, this is great, congratulations to your friend. What a beautiful buck.