9.3 bullets test with a lot of pictures ....

That's excellent. I am looking forward to them. All of them are a great bunch of bullets..
posted the update in the main post. some findings in the bullet tested ... sorry but was not able to find the AccuBond nor ballistic tip ...
Very cool Phil. I just tested the Vulkan from my 9.3x57 and I'd say it looks just about identical.

Thank you for taking the time to line them all up.
Phil, congratulations on a great effort, show really demonstrated what theses bullets can and cannot do. Thanks for sharing this with us.
photobucket quick and easy fix ...

Really simple - for Firefox:
1. Upper right-hand corner click the three-lines (Open Menu)
2. Select Add-ons
3. On left menu click Extensions
4. Upper right-hand corner enter " photobucket embed "
5. Select the "photobucket embed fix" and click install

Took twice as long to type the instructions as it does to do it!

EDIT: for Chrome, just as easy, go to Manage Extensions, click on Get More Extensions, type in " photobucket embed fix " (Chrome will suggest as you type), select the top one, click to authorize add.
Lots of great information here. The Chrome Photobucket fix worked and I can now see the pictures again thanks for the tip in your above post.