9.3 bullets test with a lot of pictures ....

in the same mood as cal .30 or .264 bullet tests im thinking about doing one with the 9.3 bullets.

i like milk jugs and water so this is where it starts.

the test will be done using a 9.3x57 and x62 at least one shot at 20 meters the other one at 100m we may stretch if we got more bullets.

first, guys from whitehorse do not trash milk jug we need it.

second, any bullets you have that you want to see or you want to donate for the cause or for the test feel free.

i wont be alone our Why not? will be at the party too.

thanks a lot.


and the results: its not over.

ok, the photos will come later but here are some comments.

shots were between +-20 yards at max. it was the first batch so we need to chronograph and take more jugs ....

loads used
230-235 grains 57 grains of IMR 4064
247-255 grains 56 grains of IMR 4064
270 grains 55 grains of IMR 4064
285-290 grains 54 grains of IMR 4064
300 grains 53 grains of IMR 4064
320 grains 52 grains of IMR 4064 reduced

- Test media: milk jugs....lots of water also!!
- Disclaimer: I know milk jug and water do not give identical result to flesh and bones, blah, blah, blah.... (stolen and adapted from BCsteve)

1. 231gr Norma
2. 232gr Vulkan found in the 5th jug 190.8 grains

3. 235gr Rhino solid-shank bullets found in the 6th jug 234.8 grains

4. 232gr Woodleigh ppsn exited after 7th jug, 2nd shot exited after 5th jug, 3 rd shot exited after 4th jug 3 shots none stayed inside

5. 247gr RWS KS found bullet against the 6th 187.6 grains
6. 250gr AccuBond exited after 4 shot, exited after 4th shot for the second shot
7. 250gr ballistic tip exited after 4 shot, exited after 4th shot for the second shot
8. 250gr Woodleigh PP exited 10th jug, second exited in the 4th jug, third exited in the 4th jug later found in another side jug 222 grains ... mystery of ballistic
9. 250gr woodleigh RN found against the 6th jug 240.2 grains
10. 250gr Barnes TSX found in the 7th jug 250.4 grains

11. 250gr Barnes original Solid
12. 250gr Barnes original soft point
13. 250gr Speer 5th jug then exited, second shot found in the 5th jug a little part 2.6 grains but exited ...
14. 250gr Hornady gmx exited in the 4th jug, second shot found in the 6th jug 8.6 grains
15. 250gr barnes ttsx found after two shots same shape for both 6th jugs found against the 7th perfect mushroom speed 2277fps at 12 feet 6 paces 2345 fps shot by Barnes 270 249 and 248.6 grains

16. 255gr Cutting Edge Safari Raptor exited after 6th jug

17. 270gr speer bullet found in the 6th jug 238.8 grains

18. 270gr Matrix (just one sample) main part found in the 4th jug 184.8 grains small parts in the 5th jug 8+15.8 grains. total 208.6 grains

you can notice how the impact flattened the bullet.

19 285gr PRVI 2 main parts found (one against the 5th jug) 238.2gr found head 156.4 + 81.8 rear measured at 2277fps 6 paces (+-8fps) from the muzzle given at 2265fps for a 23.6 inches barrel by the factory.

20. 285 Lapua Mega (very similar to the Partisan) factory ammo one exited after 6th jugs and one recovered in 7th perfect mushroom 247 grains

21. 286gr hornady. found in the 4th jug lost most of it what you heard is what we found so far ... very good for practising and that is it. 53.6grains found nothing from the front part at all .

22. 286gr remington Factory ammo 3th jugs found a really little part 3.2 grains . same bullet as hornady.

23 286gr Norma Oryx speed 2493fps 6 paces 60 grains varget Lapua brass 6th jugs then exited other shot not found rxited in the 9th jugs. one bullet went against the ditch but not found ... have to try with load test
24. 286gr cast bullets found in the 5th jug 20.8 grains
25a. 285gr Nosler Partition loaded 60 grains varget 7th jugs then exited not found
25b. 285gr Nosler Partition test load 2262fps 12 paces 5th jug found a little of front part rest exited really dissapointed total weight 190 grains 150 +40

26. 285gr norma plastic dual core (yellow tip) was too low on the shot but some parts crossed 7th jug despite hitting some wood. second shot found one stopped in the 6th jugs low and met some wood also 202.6grains with wood in

27. 285gr Woodleigh RN 7th jug perfect mushroom 284.4 grains

28. 285gr Woodleigh PPSN
29. 285gr Woodleigh Hydrostatic stab. projectile
30. 285gr Norma Alaska found in the 5th jug one part 245gr perfect mushroom

31. 286gr TSX Barnes 2210fps at 12 paces hit one jug then went inside hard wood for the equivalent distance of 4 jugs impressive to say the least. not that much room for that bullet in a 9.3x62 case 287.6 grains with wood in.

32. 286gr Norma
33. 286gr swift a frame went throughout 8jugs and still flying another test 6th jug then exited bullet found later 283.4 grains

34. 290gr Matrix FB Bonded found in the 6th jugs 286.8 grains perfect mushroom

35. 300gr Swift a frame 5th jug then exited

36. 320gr woodleigh PP sn 4th jug then exited a little low.

37. 320gr Woodleigh RN found in the 8th jug 317.6 grains

38. 325gr Norma Oryx 1st shot 3rd jug then exited, 2nd shot 3rd jug then exited

39. 250gr Swift a Frame found against the 7th jug 249.6 grains

40. 232gr Norma Oryx found in the 6th jug 220 grains

the water and jug test is really traumatic for the bullets but good answer on some questions.

it is time consuming and a lot. if i didnt had that help there is no way that test sould have been done. (no, no it is not over for sure...).

my wife helped me to fill those 100 jugs that we used (1h30min to fill them) and Why Not? did a lot on too and his giving me good advices on my quest of reloading. thanks also for barnes 270 for his hands and his left hand shoulder.

for the future we need to remove all the loads (powder and bullets) to make the brass working in my rifle then filling more jugs and shooting time.

of course without the bullet donators we wont have that page. thanks again all of you for your patience.


Ps: while reading the wonderful book of Pierre van der walt on african dangerous game cartridges i found an interesting note and seems that the water as a medium test is doing to some conventionnal bullets a tendency to become unstable, lose direction etc .. worth to read the pages 74 to 77 for that matter, makes sense in the result of some bullets.
Welcome aboard, Phil. That is a ton of work that you did. There are some great results to share. I'm working with your pictures to get them posted. Give me just a bit of time and I should be able to give you a hand.
thanks for the pictures posted.

i will try a different hosting pics and of course the test is not over yet ....
That is a very extensive group of tests, thanks for taking the time to do as such and post results.
yes and some more to test.

finished last night to resize roughly 220 remington and hornady brass that didnt work well on my chamber.
Phil. I have some Norma 232 Vulcan I could donated to the test. Need mailing info

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Holy cow, I only skimmed through the test, no time. Outstanding effort

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Nice work! Thanks for all your time and effort to do the test.

Nice work Phil, and to your wife. Plus to Dr. MIke for posting them.

Looks like the Barnes, Swift A-Frames, and the Woodleigh's did rather well! I've always been impressed with Barnes Bullets for their ability to stay together, and penetrate. Unfortunately I’ve never had much success with the Swift A-Frame as far as accuracy, but the Woodleigh’s I’ve used them from time to time, and they have been a consistent performer on holding together, and accuracy in a number of guns I’ve loaded for.

I have a bunch of the 160 gr. 7mm Woodleigh Protected Point bullets for my 280AI I still haven't got around to loading them.
I’m a little surprised by the nosler Partition. I have used that bullet on moose and its ability to penetrate was impressive on large game. The barnes are just plain perfection in a bullet when they work like that. I’m running the 286gr Partition at 2450fps out of my 9.3x62.

I have seen simlar performance from the Partition in another buddies 9.3x64 running nearly 2700fps.
hello all,

yes i was not happy with the result of the Partition i will try again ...

winter is here so we will have to wait for the spring and new bullets to come.


just an update:

i got my hands on:

. 300gr Swift a frame

. 320gr Woodleigh RN

. 325gr Norma Oryx

. 250gr Swift a Frame

. 232gr Norma Oryx

spring will be busy ....

nb i updated also the first post in the thread. enjoy.