Stretching it to 725


Feb 13, 2016
Killed some time this morning at 725 yards, took the 6.5 Creed using the 105 Hybrids and the .308 using 178 ELD-M, used the loads from the 100 yard test. A brisk headwind at 1 o clock with some variable gusts. Prepped the 5700 Kestrel for the dope, dialed in the numbers on the ATACR 5.5-25 and first round hits on both rifles, loved the ringing on each hit, and no misses. Went home happy, when I got home, ( if you guys think that I am crazy, please let me know :LOL: ) I think I'm overthinking it, that I will test primer brands with those two rifles to see if types of primers really have any effect at long distance. It would be a little difficult to see any effects at short range. I am working up the same charges for both rifles, just 4 rounds of BR2, 4 more with CCI 200 and the last 4 with Fed 210M. I have no idea why I am that anal to do this. I guess its just the love we all have for reloading and shooting looong distances. Results soon.
First two picture is the Creed and last two is the .308




The 178 ELDM would be a killer load at moderate to long range for deer sized game.
Fine shooting, indeed. I don't think you're crazy. Information is always helpful, if only to inform yourself that a particular change makes insignificant difference. I've tested many aspects to satisfy my curiosity. Every test was helpful in one way or another.