Little range time!!


Feb 13, 2016
Found some time to shoot today. Been working on a load development for the 308 and Lapua 175 Scenars pushed by Varget. Been thinking to use this for a 600 yard match soon. Had some frustrations trying to make this thing shoot those Scenars .005" off the lands. Using a mild load of 42.9 grains Varget and adjusting settings depths. Groups shrunk on the last 3 loads. I may have pulled on the 2.211" load, shot went a little low. Going to redo those 3 loads but at 600 yards next time out. Will do further testing. First 3 pictures are the 308 loads.

Adjusting H4350 powder weight in tenth increments for the 6.5 Creedmoor to get the same speed I last used when it shot real well after running out of the old H4350 lot, new lot was a little faster that the old lot. Had to drop powder weight to 41.6 / 41.7 grains ( new lot ) from 42.4 ( old lot ) to get the same speed at 2700 fps with the 147 ELD-M's, both loads seem to be right on the money. POI is a little different but not much, but will test at 600. Last 2 pictures are the Creed loads.


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All those groups are great, but man, I love me some 147s. My family and I have had fantastic luck with them in Creedmoors and PRCs.

I was testing with the Creedmoor two months ago with the 147's and IMR 4451 Enduron, but was able to do .4 MOA at 100 which was optimal accuracy but man, that powder burns dirty, had a ton of carbon in that barrel. Gave it a good scrubbing with some Bore Tech till it was squeaking clean.
Has anyone had any dirty barrels after using 4451?
I still have about a lb. or so and didn't think it overly dirty but didn't think it reduced copper fouling at all that I could tell. Wasn't up to the advertisement. Dan.