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Feb 13, 2016
Had some time to get the loaded 143 ELD-X for the slightly used 6.5 x 284 ( 220 rounds through the tube) out to test that I loaded 2 months ago. Decided to use the 6.5 x 284 as a hunting rig only, so I switched from the ELD 147's. Used Lapua brass, H4831SC and BR2 primers for the 147's and it shot extremely well at 600 yards, which printed roughly one inch and a quarter three shot groups on steel, powder charge was around 52 grains of H4831SC at 2,825 fps. For the 143 ELD X I started at 51.5 grains of H4831SC in .3 increments up to 52.7 grains and .005" off the lands.
51.5- 2826,2823, 2822
51.8- 2859,2852,2857
52.1- 2892,2896,2898
52.4- 2895,2896,2899
52.7- 2904,2909,2921
Seems I see a flat spot from 52.1 - 52.4 at a hair under 2900 fps. Not one hole groups, but decent .4 MOA which is nice, I may tweak seating depths slightly, touching the lands and .005" increments longer from the tested .005" off the lands and see what pops up. To me, its a good load with tight ES which I'm happy with to stretch hunting ranges out to 500 yards or plinking some steel out to 800. In the attachments, the first 3 pictures are groups from 51.8, 52.1 and 52.4
Next test using the 178 ELD-M with the .308 using the new lot of Varget, ran out of the old 8 pounder. Old load was 42.8 grains, seems I see a nice load at 42.9 this time with the new powder and 2680 fps average, I may try to test a few loads from 43 to 44 grains to get a little more speed. The 42.9 grain load is good for me, but I tend to get bored. :D
Last picture in the attachments is the 308 test. First target is just a fouler, and last target is a ragged 3 shot group. I dialed it up 8 MOA because the targets were already littered with holes, so its just on white paper.
Been so hot to do anything in this heat, contractors are still doing the house remodel, just the master bedroom and bathroom left to do, then we will have our life back with some peace and quiet.
P.S. I still have not tested my favorite bullet, the Ballistic Tips, still have 10 boxes of those 140 grain Chocolate Tips to test. I like to test them in the 6.5 Creed as well. Still have 750 ELD 147's left for the Creed, it was cheap as a bulk. Still shoots very tight at 700 yards on steel last time I tried them. So I'll stick with what works for now. It should be a deer and hog killer.
6.5 Creed / 147's 3 shot group


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