IMR 4451 / 6.5 Creedmoor


Feb 13, 2016
I am stuck with 8 pounds of Enduron IMR 4451, bought it when I was searching for H4350, and I did find 2 eight pounders of H4350, but saving it and I want to work up a load with 4451 for the 6.5 Creed and 147 ELD M. The ELD M has been shooting lights out at 700 yards on steel when I last tried it months ago with H4350. There aren't much data on this IMR 4451 and its discontinued, I see some data on Hodgdon's website. Going to work up in 3 round groups in .3 increments from 41gr to 42.5 gr.
Has anyone used IMR 4451 in their Creeds?
I've loaded 120 BTs with it for my wife's Tikka compact for a long time. Very accurate, but the deer aren't fond of the combo.

I bought a Mossberg 6.5 Creedmoor back in 2018. I began load development with the 120gr Nos BT and tried both H4350 and IMR 4451. Accuracy with both was close to equal. According to my notes, I tried 42.5gr to 44.5gr. 44.5gr charge was where I found best accuracy with .546" 3 shot group @ 100yds. I did not test for velocity. I can tell you that in my barrel, I did not see the copper eliminating benefits that the enduron line of powders were advertised for.

According to the 2021 Hodgdon Annual Manual they show data for the following bullet weights for the 6.5creedmoor.
120gr Vmax - 40.2 start - 44.7 max
130gr AccuBond / 135gr Atip - 37.5 start - 42.8 max
143gr ELD-x - 37.0 start - 41.9 max

FWIW, I also shot some of the IMR 4451 in my 7x57 and found it could be really usable in that application as well.

I can look for more data in other manuals if you'd like, and if you need anymore help, please let me know.