Joined a new club and range tests

Looking forward to your match results and what you used
Went to the 600 yard match today, we did 45 rounds combined. We did three 600 yard relays, 15 rounds each with 2 sighters. It was fun and a challenge, those other guys had those fancy rests with the knobs and I used a measly ATLAS bipod. I thought they were way out of my league, but I did do very well than most of them. There are some real good shooters there. I did hit a couple of nine's from little shifts in wind. On the 3rd relay, I did 2 sighters and they were spot on, and my 15 round match began, I felt the wind shift a little from right to left, and when my first round hit, it was a nine at 3 o clock, I thought it may be just me, so I did the 2nd round, it hit in the same spot, another 9 and I decided to aim a little to the left by a couple inches, and the rest of the 13 rounds went in the X and 10 ring. The mirage was pretty bad on the 3rd relay, it was almost noon. The 6 BR with those 105's Hybrids did real well, most of those guys used the 6.5's and some larger calibers. I am able to show a picture of the scores of the first relay, but I thought I saved the files but I am not able to find them. Look forward to more matches in the future. I'm hooked.


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How did it feel to shoot right at just over 1MOA for 15 shots at 600 yards?
I figured the hook would get set pretty deep, once you finally took the plunge.
Very proud of you!
I am NOT surprised you did well. I have seen to much of your shooting to think otherwise.
Remember to have fun, and don't rush things.
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