9.3x62, 250 Woodleigh and 270 Kodiak


Nov 18, 2013
Shot into jugs at 25 yds.
Speed right at 2450-2500.
Woodleigh found in 7th jug, 247.5 gr, .662
Kodiak through 6 in side of 7th, 257 gr, .709

Woodleigh on left, Kodiak on right


Both of those look really good. Is the Woodleigh a round nose? The 35 cal 275 gr protected point looks much different than that after being shot into the jugs.
I like how the Woodleigh RN's look after expansion. Either of those would work for almost anything worldwide.
I shoot both the 250 gr Nosler AB and the 286 gr PT (and Norma Oryx) in my 9.3x74R. Velocities are 2550 fps and 2350 respectively with handloads. Accuracy is in the MOA range in my 22 inch Number One Ruger.

I would imagine performance of these bullets would be similar? I certainly do not worry about their ability to kill any game that I would shoot?
Those look great Dewey. Seems like they are some really impressive bullets and would put the hurt on just about anything you point them at.
Once I get this rifle figured out I thought I'd reshoot the best ones into jugs. I have Partitions, North Forks, Woodleighs and the Kodiak. Be interesting to see them all side by side.
For my needs, the 250 AccuBond is a great bullet for the 9.3 (.366)caliber rifles. With the AccuBond's high BC and velocity of 2550 in my 9.3x74R, it meets any need that I have for elk, bear or any use that I can find?

I have not tried the TBBC, North Fork or other premium bullets for the 9.3mm but I do have some Norma 232 gr, 286 Oryx and Speer 270 grain bullets to try?
I'd love to see those Oryxs Charlie. Pretty good bullets when they are held around 3000 FPS or under.
I have not been shooting the rifles much this summer. Waiting for it to cool down a bit? I really want to shoot all of the 9.3x74R loads this summer but not in the heat, having to wear oxygen.