A Ledgon Is Reborn

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Ammo Smith
Mar 11, 2013
Everyone has read or heard the story about Rip Van Winkle who got lost while hunting in the Catskill Mts of NY.

Well we have our own version as a member here on the Nosler Forum.

His new name is R_P Winkle aka Rol_P Of the Montana Rocky Mountains. Though he found no Elves drinking Mountain Dew and there was no Thunder from the Elves bowling on a clear blue bird day ( unless it was in his dreams ) here he was caught up in the North Fork on Green Horn creek in the Beaver Head Mountain range of Montana sleeping his life away till I woke him to get him off the Mt safe and sound.


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Well, speaking only for myself, brisk morning and warm day means a nap against a balsam tree each afternoon. Nothing better in the whole wide world. Glad to see that Roland shares a passion for true relaxation in the great outdoors.
Only thing better would've been a picture of him sleeping with an elk or deer standing close by. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I was awakened on one occasion after resting just as pictured, to see the tail-end of a moose entering the dark forest about thirty yards from where I lay resting. He grunted and disappeared, having walked directly in front of me at a distance of not more than ten or so feet. I had a good friend who had been supine. Something awakened him. He opened one eye and slowly reached for an old .303 Enfield. Carefully raising it, he shot a rare mountain caribou, thinking (in his wearied state) that it was the biggest mule deer her had ever seen. Ah, yes, resting on a sunny fall day can bring some interesting results. Yeah, he notified the COs and only barely escaped some rather severe consequences.
Good to see that Rol is taking the hunt seriously. A nap is pretty much a requirement for me on a hunt.

Woke once, to find myself surrounded by deer! Sadly, I wasn't deer hunting, it wasn't deer season... Sigh... They sure were surprised when I stood up! Had no clue I was there apparently.

"legend" by the way... ;) But we knew what you meant! :)

I am glad to see that Roland had the good sense to take his nap on the ground and not in a tree stand....
Hey now....that was all subterfuge he was obviously on high alert. (That's what happens when you hunt with friends.) :grin: CL
Rol there is nothing better than a nap in the warmth of the fall sun :wink:.
My Son caught my hunting buddy & myself concentrating in the sun :mrgreen: just this past Sunday!



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Well I must admit that I too have snuggled up to a tree back home and napped wakening to chipmunks or squirrels climbing on me.
The serenity and peaceful bliss is unequaled and can't be achieved anywhere else except for in the great out doors whether in the woods or on the water.
Ok , Rodger aka captain Kodak caught me and shares half of the story.. This photo was taken after my return from a significant hike up the trail beyond where he chose to hunt. I was searching for the elusive wapati that has yet to be encountered.

We did have a good hunt and I will be at it again next week. Best of luck to all who are afield, be safe and successful. Rol