ADDITION UPDATE— Just Ordered 5lbs Staball HD From Hodgdon This Morning/Giving Ramshot LRT A Try In 7mm Rem Mag

I’ve been having pretty good performance with LRT out of two 26” 1:8 twist 7mm Rem Mag rifles With 175gr ELD-X’s and 180gr Berger Hybrids. Very pleasantly surprised with velocity and consistency. The 26” barrels are long enough that muzzle blast doesn’t seem any worse than any other powder from a magnum that I’ve noticed. Slow powder and overbore capacity don’t mix well with short or suppressed barrels. Give it a try in your 264 WM, you may like it. It bested Retumbo in my 7 RM’s

I haven’t tried the Staball HD yet. I’ve got 15 lbs on hand just haven’t gotten to it yet. I have high hopes for it though.

Edit: For shorter barreled or surpressed magnums you’d probably be better served by a 4831, a 4350, or RL19 if muzzle blast is a concern.
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