Advice Needed: Powder choice for 150gr. Accubond in .270Win

Hello John! I should be more precise - I haven't heard that it's going away, just altogether impossible to find. And when you do, it's $450/8lb IF you're lucky. Freaks over at GB are asking $1200!🤬
Retumbo was like that. GB was selling 8 pounders for $1200. I hope the idiots that paid that price enjoy it. Retumbo is available, at least locally in 1 lb cans. I'm sure RL26 will surface again.

I've always gotten good results wit H4831 or 4831SC with the 150 gr. Sierra GameKing or Nosler Partition. I do get better accuracy from WMR (Winchester Magnum Rifle powder) it has been long gone for 15 or more years. I get good results with it in the .270 Win., .280 Rem. and .300 Win. mag. Frankly, so far it sucks in the 30-06 and .338 Win. Mag. It is so erratic in the 30-06 that frankly it's scary to use it with bullets 180 gr. and lighter. Even the data for 200 and 220 gr. bullets is weird. Same max load for either bullet.
Paul B.
Paul, I always had good results with WMR & WXR and 139-140 grain bullets in each of my 280s. I have reserved my dwindling supply of these powders for the 280. Both propellants worked reasonably well in my 7RM with 154, 160 & 175 grain pills. I didn't really pursue these loads as other propellants produced even better results. I had a few very nice loads in a couple of my 300 WSMs. Again, other powders worked even better, so I didn't pursue these loads. And I see at least one decent load in my 30-06. I produced a couple of reasonable loads in my 270 WSM, though I didn't pursue them because I had even better loads with other propellants.