Athlon Helos BTR

My son has a first gen Helos BTR 6-24x50 on his 338 Lapua which has less than 50 rounds through it. It’s clear and holds zero but it hasn’t been shot at distance.
My Argos and Midas BTR scopes do track out to 600yds and back , if that’s any help.
I shoot with a few guys that use Athlon scopes . they seem happy with them . I never hear them complain about tracking issues . these scopes are dialed up and down a lot during a day , when we shoot . we shoot these big guns on our long range , 600 - 2000 yards , so there is a bunch of twisting . I don't know the Athlon line , so I don't know how these scopes compare against the Helos . these two scopes are on a 338 Lapua , and a 300 PRC . I think there is another one on a 338 Lapua .

P7180165.JPG P7180160.JPG

Barbour creek shooting school , has a few videos about the Athlon scopes . he tested the tracking new out of the box , and again after a while on a school gun . the tracking stayed good , after heavy use . I'm not sure what model he tested . his school guns are easy kickers , 6.5 creedmoor .
well after readjusting 250 yard zero, the thing now is tracking very well. have ran it out to 600, 800, and 1100 yards. making first round hits on steel plates and rocks. this is on a 6mm ARC. took 38 moa to make 1100
I have 4 of the Helo's 2-12's and 2 of the 4-20's. No complaints other than the dot in the 2-12 is a little big for perfect target work, but it's a great hunting reticle. I have them on Kimber Montana's and a smokeless ML. One 4-20 is on a Tikka CTR 223 that is just awesome on that platform.
I have one on my 6mm ARC savage switchback. No issues whatsoever thus far.