May 12, 2009
I've been out of the game for a while. Getting kids graduated from college, divorce (no more liberal chicks for me), and a job that burns a lot of hours. Thought I'd jump back in with both feet!IMG_2523.jpg
The top one is a Win 70 30-06 rebarrelled to a 280AI. I replaced the mag box with a 3.6" one and ejector from a 375 H&H. Barrel is a 25" 9twist Bartlein 2B contour. I plan to shoot the heavies 160gr to 180gr bullets. The increased mag length will enable me to maintain max powder capacity and thus velocity with the heavies. It is stocked with a Supergrade stock and weighs 8lbs 9oz unscoped.

The second Win 70 started life as a .243. I shortened the ejector and removed the mag spacer to get a 3.1" magazine box. My gunsmith chambered and installed the Lilja 25" light contour, 7.5 twist barrel. Chambered in .25x284. It's throated to shoot 131gr blackjacks and 135gr Bergers. I will also try the 110NAB and 115BTs. Sure do wish Nosler would consider a .257 LRAB. Gun weighs 7lbs 11oz unscoped.

Both of these guns are getting pillar bedded today and load development starts next week.

The third gun is a pre '64 Model 70 chambered in 338x06. I bought it like this. It has a featherweight barrel that is 22". It weighs 6lbs 6oz unscoped. Pretty sure it thumps on both ends! I'll start load development with 200gr NABs and PTs.
This gun happened because I found the barrel for a real bargain and built the gun around it. The barrel is a 20" Pac Nor prefit in 20 practical with a barrel nut and threaded for a suppressor and a Howa mini action. Bought a barreled mini action from Brownells and a MDT Oryx chassis and put it together in about an hour. Just in time for Sage rat season! I have about a 1k 32gr Varmegeddon bullets I need to find a load for - fun times!

It's good to be back and clean the dust off my work and reloading benches!
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Interesting Model 70s. Each would generate considerable interest. As for the black rifle, it is always dangerous to buy a barrel (or a component). Doing so demands that you must engage in a build. :rolleyes: All good looking firearms.
I have a serious Model 70 affliction myself. I’m still looking for that Holy Grail pre-64 .30-06! Wouldn’t mind a .220 Swift either!

I have owned or currently own Model 70’s in .264 Win Mag, .270, .308, .30-06, .300 WSM, .300 Win Mag and .375 Ouch-n-Ouch.

They are great rifles, well deserved of their reputation in my opinion.
Muleman, Excellent! :)

Love that 280AI...

You're going to have a lot of fun with the 20 Practical as well. I'm looking forward to swatting some varmints with my 204 Ruger again this year. Gavin has a lot of rockchucks on his property. We blast 'em with varmint rifles, big game rifles, pistols and even the shotgun!

Those three M 70's will cover everything what you want to do nicely. Pretty hard to beat a 280 AI for all around use. The 25/284 is an intriguing round, nice to see the 25's getting some love. I bet within the next few years we'll see a factory fast twist 257 round and there will be even more bullet options for you. That light 338-06 will be a thumper for you.

Good luck on the varmint hunt upcoming!
Pretty wood on that 280AI. Must be some dense wood for the weight to be where it is at.
I would almost be tempted to to swap stocks between the 280AI and 338-06...Lighten up the 280AI and give the 338-06 some weight to help reduce felt recoil...
Nice pairing! Would cover 95% of the big game hunting one would do here in North America.
Welcome back! Sounds like you have had a full plate. That's a pretty nice collection of M70's.
You have all the bases covered with that stable.
Looking forward to hearing about your load development. That's going to be fun.

I know most of you are drooling over M70s , but the Howa catches my eyes. I’m a sucker for customized Howa/Vanguards.
Hey, man, long time! How are you doing? Still living out in the sticks?

I still haven't done anything with that LA700 I picked up from you.
Productive weekend on the rifles. The 280AI and the 25x284 both got pillar bedded and barrels free floated. Next weekend will be action bedding and loading up some break in rounds. Maybe Sunday I’ll even make it to the range!
Nice stuff Scott!

That Featherweight 338-06 is exactly what I have always wanted in a Whelen. I wouldn't be too worried about it being too brisk myself, by the time it's scoped and ready to hunt it'll be nearly or over 8lb's depending. Should make for a great rifle!