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Guy Miner

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Apr 6, 2006
Over the years I had a couple of 45/70 Marlin rifles, the original ported Guide Gun, and later a 22" Marlin 1895 which I greatly preferred. Ten years ago I sold that 1895 to a good friend, so I could buy my 375 H&H Ruger Number One rifle.

Well, I must have known I would want another 45/70 in the future, 'cause I kept my RCBS loading dies, some brass, a little bit of loaded ammo, a small stash of bullets... :)

Well... Today was the first range session with the new Remlin/Marlin. :grin:

It turned out to be about 96 degrees at the range this afternoon, so I didn't do much shooting. Five rounds, offhand, at a mere 25 yards was enough. Then I headed for air conditioning. Yup, 96 is plenty for this Pacific Northwest fellow.

It wasn't true "rapid fire" but I didn't dally around either. I learned that:

The rifle cycled well and functioned perfectly. GOOD!

The factory sights were set up well enough to make short-range hits with the ammo I'd loaded. That's good. We have bears, wolves, and mountain lions. If I have to use the 1895 to protect myself or other campers/hikers, it will work fine just as built by Marlin/Remington.

Load was the 350 gr RNSP Hornady bullet over 56.5 grains of IMR 3031, the starting load for lever action rifles according to Hodgdon. It's supposed to gin up about 2,000 fps. Recoil was apparent. The good ol' 45/70 can rock ya a bit from these lever action rifles. :grin: Not bad though, just enough to let ya know that yes, this is not a 223 that we're messing with.



First shots, offhand at 25 yards with the factory sights and my handloaded 350 gr ammunition:

It's good to have a big bore Marlin again. Only six weeks until bear season opens. I suspect that I'll have this rifle with me... My 2.5x Leupold is mounted in Quick Release rings from Warne. I can see the factory sights just fine when I pop the scope off. Within a week or so, I'll test it at 100 yards with the 2.5x scope installed.

Regards, Guy
Oh, recently sold two guns, so there was room in the safe, and room in my wallet for a new rifle. :mrgreen:
Congratulations on your new Marlin 1895 45-70. Nice looking rifle that I'm sure will meet your accuracy expectations when you get a scope mounted on it.
Should make an excellent rig for deer, bear and elk in the dark timber.

Thanks all. That's what I've got it figured for, a modest range hunting rifle for bear, elk and deer. :)

Doggone unlikely to draw a tag for moose, mountain goat or bighorn sheep. So it will do for short-range encounters with the other critters.

Yes, my 30-30 would probably do the job, but I was really missing having a 45/70 Marlin.

Hi Guy, Cool gun! Easy to love the 45/70! I used 300 gn TSX last year on BBear. Did a fine job opening up and blowing threw! Have some Federal I’d like to use to kill a bear or deer with..

Happy Hunting!

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Don't tell me you sold your Matched pair of Model 700 CDLS? ( 25-06/30-06) I knew you were using the 375s more....:)
preacher":2w3ncx55 said:
Don't tell me you sold your Matched pair of Model 700 CDLS? ( 25-06/30-06) I knew you were using the 375s more....:)

Oh gosh no. Those are my most used hunting rifles.

I sold a 300 WSM Model 70 that I hardly ever used and finally sold the 500 S&W revolver too. It was fun, but... for me at least the big revolver was kinda useless. I much prefer the 44 magnum S&W 629.

More of "Guys Guns" will be sold in the coming months. :)

But, I've apparently been wanting a 45/70 Marlin back in my life since about 30 seconds after I sold mine, ten years ago. Ha!

My friend out here, who uses the 240W, also has one of the first production ( straight grip) 70's Model 1895 as his saddle gun. Hornady 350RN. I also liked the 350RN when I played with them. Good round!
A lot of guns have come and gone for me the last ten years but my JM GBL remains my favourite, even if I don’t shoot it that often.

I busted it out for a zero check a month ago and it put 3 x 400g Speer FNs within an inch at 125y.

With velocity right around 1775fps, I reckon I’m right for most things!
Hey All,

Just like Guy, I had sold my 1895 .45-70 to fund the buying of my T/C Venture .280 Remington. No complaints from me.

Just this past Wednesday, I ordered myself the new Marlin 1895 in .444 Marlin!

It's the Marlin, and the .444 cartridge I've been looking, and hoping to buy.

It's the 22 inch barreled version, just like Guy's new one.

I knew I wouldn't be able to stay away for too long, and got my bucket list rifle I've wanted since I was a young man in the Air Force. 30 years of waiting, and now, had the funds, and the opportunity to get one!

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Congratulations on your Marlin triple 4 1895.
Post some pictures.

JD338":xzc8x75k said:
Congratulations on your Marlin triple 4 1895.
Post some pictures.

Thank you! I certainly will when she comes in.

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Guy Miner":1qc8erj1 said:
There's something pretty danged cool about a big bore Marlin.
That's exactly what I was thinking too Guy!
They're too cool to not like.
Plus, if you're a lever junkie like me, then it fills my heart with a lot of joy.

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