Added a light to my Marlin 1895

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Today I mounted a very bright 1200 lumen "Nightstick" light on my Marlin 1895 via a Wild West Guns light mount. It does NOT enhance the classic looks of the 1895 but it adds a lot of capability re camp defense/bear defense which is a primary role for this rifle in my life. It tags along with me a lot when I'm camped in bear country. Which is often.

The light is currently available at an incredible discount from Bereli - it produces 1200 lumens - which means it's BRIGHT as all get out. I helped myself to one because of the big sale. I'd wanted a weapons light on this rifle for a long time.

As a cop, I really appreciated having a bright flashlight on my AR-15 patrol rifle. Now I'm happy to have one on my 45-70. Installing the WWG light mount was easy-peasy. Took just a few minutes.

The light mount looks good:

The light looks "meh" - but I'm okay with that, considering what it does for me:

Wider view with more of the rifle included:

"You light up my life... " LOL!

I wish I had that on my guide gun in Alaska. After the first of August it started getting dark earlier and at a rapid pace. By the end of August it was dark when we did our final sweep before heading to bed. Running a grizz out of camp in the dark was all kinds of pucker factor and old school flash light techniques just seemed awkward with big old bears at 15 or 20 yards.
I finally got couple of pictures posted the other day from my phone. Clicked on or off the desktop located at top of the page. Will try to remember how I did it when I want to post again. Technically challenged. Dan.

In my planning to move to Alaska I got to thinking about when I’d be at the greatest disadvantage when encountering a bear.

I determined that would be when I appear like a human taquito wrapped up in my mummy bag. I quickly added a TLR1 to my Glock but was at a loss as to how to add one to my Marlin lever action 45-70. Like you I found the WWG mount.

The camp rifle will be the lever action as it has a light. Light is a good thing unless you’re a Vampire. Hopefully a light will convince a nefarious creature to shun said nefarious activity and seek the darkness. If not they can wait for the flash while they smile. 🙂